The Way of the Celts – Magic

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By Kristin Olsen

Welcome the Way of the Celts, land of myth and fantasy. As we look to the magic and mysticism of the celtic lands, we discover that part of the magic we are drawn to might be the modern interpretation of what the ancient Celtic lands might have been. This is a portrait by modern writers and it is based on supposition. Most of Celtic history is verbal not written. This leaves the Emerald Isle of the ancients open to any revelation that our hearts, minds and souls see fit to gaze upon.

Can you picture in your minds eye the green rolling lands filled with Fairy folk, Dragons and Trolls? Are they purely fictional, as today’s society would portray? Can you envision it, is it possible! Let your imagination take you on a delightful journey into the land of faith and fantasy. Magic is something that is everywhere; it is a gift from the almighty (whatever that may be in your particular religious or spiritual path). For me the magic comes from my ancestors, their lands and beliefs. That magic also comes from the thought that a fairy may be sitting on my porch at this very moment giggling.

Lets take a stroll through the realm of Religion and Spirituality. Celtic spirituality has many faces. The Celts of old were obviously what would be termed a Pagan culture. They were pre-Christian and therefore there was really nothing else to be but what we now call Pagan. So did they worship multiple deities or did they simply pay homage and respect to the things of the earth that they could see and the things of the spiritual realm that they could not see? Did they name Gods and Goddesses and put a power or an attribute to these beings? Or did they simply thank the universe for the trees, land, streams, birds, animals and other things they needed and used in their everyday lives? Is it possible they were Spiritual without being Religious? This gives rise to many different religious philosophies that are in current use today. In reality, we can never truly know what was in their minds and hearts because they did not leave us a written record to preserve these early days.

When you study Ireland’s spirituality, St. Patrick is always discussed. Ireland is steeped with tradition. Some traditions are pre-Christian and some Christian. St. Patrick really helped head Ireland into modern Christianity by “Driving out the Snakes”. This saying basically means he converted Pagan Ireland to Christianity by silencing Paganism. It is a fascinating correlation as there really are no snakes in Ireland today. As we can see from modern spirituality, he didn’t actually silence Paganism.   Indeed this spiritual path went underground and continued to flourish. Yet a great many of these Pagan ideas were used to teach Christianity in the Celtic lands.

The Irish have been able to successfully integrate some of the ideas and philosophies from the ancient times into their modern Christian religious philosophies. A grand example of this is St. Patrick’s use of the Shamrock to teach the pagan Irish about the Trinity. He explained the “Father”, “Son” and “Holy Spirit” to them utilizing the native flower of Ireland. The three petals represent the tree parts of one God. For the Shamrock are both one petal and three petals. Using the imagery provided by the shamrock, St. Patrick was able to show a very visual society the possibility of one God, Christianity.

The Shamrock was a sacred plant of the Druids because its leaves formed a triad.  Three was a magical and spiritual number to the ancients because it represented: past, present, and future; and sky, earth, and underworld, Tír na nÓg (The Land of Youth). The explanation of the Shamrock should have made perfect sense to them, as they saw the number 3 as an integral part of their physical and magickal world.

Another great example is when St. Patrick introduced the idea of heaven to the early Celtics. They had tales steeped in tradition about Tír na nÓg (the celtic underworld or land of youth). It was considered a pleasant place and all wanted to visit this realm. Time stands still on Tír na nÓg. It is said to be and island to the far west of Ireland. One never grows old or suffers illness, flowers bloom never died in this land. No sorrow or pain, love is eternal, no wars or famine scar this land. So can you picture St. Patrick sitting on the Hill of Tara surrounded by the early Irish teaching them of Heaven and comparing it to Tír na nÓg? How easy it must have been for them to accept this concept. There are dozens of other examples, but we will leave those for later discussions.

Join me again for more tales of the Celtic Lands. We have much to discuss, The Book of Kells, The Otherworld, Tír na nÓg, Holidays, Runes, Goddesses, Gaelic and perhaps even a way to see Fairies in your everyday world or how to obtain the pot of Gold from that dreaded Leprechaun. Magic and Adventure is all around you, just close your eyes, open your heart and listen to your soul. Celtic Magic is everywhere.   Visit me at

The Way of the Celts – Fairies

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By Kristin Olsen

The magic and mystery of the Celtic Nations are the focus of my writings and a passionate part of my world. My lineage is part Celtic and part Viking and I am fascinated with the Spirituality, Fantasy, Magic, History and Illusion that this part of the world represents. Here in this column I will transport you to the lands of mist and magic. I am but a humble student on a grand exploration of this planet. I was placed here to learn, share and teach. Together we will explore the wondrous Celtic Lands.

Have you ever had your heart leap and you had to stop and catch your breath? Have you ever thought about a place, a thing, or a person and felt that you just belonged there, like your heart and soul were in some way intertwined with it? Join me now as we step back to a time long past that is steeped with mystery, illusion, promise and fantasy. Oh and possibly a glorious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A time when what mattered was living life. Close our eyes and see with me green trees, wide open lush valleys, streams teaming with fish, fairies dancing, dragons roaming and leprechauns running freely with human kind and of course magick a glitter everywhere. Welcome to the land of Erin. Come, SHH… you don’t want to awaken the Banshee Fairy!

The belief in fairies is an almost universal attribute of early folk culture. Fairies are magickal creatures that entertain children and adults alike. For adults the fairy represents the innocence of youth and the promise that there is something more than just what we see. Most adults have lost the ability to see fairies peeking out from behind a tree or chasing a butterfly across the lawn. To read about the Fae folk takes us back to childhood and cotton candy, slip n slides and magic. Well what if you could see fairies and they were chasing butterflies in your backyard? Would the world think you sane? Would you care? Let me tell you of the Irish Fae Folk and then you can decide for yourself if they are real or not. If you do believe, maybe you can bring the magic of the Fairyland into your life.

Most Fairies today are seen as beautiful fluttering creatures that you see out of the corner of your eye or just imagine them to be dancing around happily. Not so of the ancient Celtic realms. Sidhe (pronounced Shee, a fairy) and other magical creatures lived with human kind. They were there to possibly teach and assist the human folk of the land. Since they were a part of the life process you have the mean, ugly, beautiful, sad, happy and death fairies of the Celtic Isles. The people of the Isles call their fairies wee folk. Lets take a brief look at some Fae Folk.

The Leprechaun: A solitary creature avoiding contact with mortals and other fairies. He is usually making shoes or protecting his pot of gold. It is said that if a mortal catches a leprechaun and sternly demands his treasure, he will give it to him. He is very symbolic of Ireland.

Merrows: The female is also called a mermaid (murúch) or a sea-maiden (maighdean mhara). She has the tail of a fish and web-like scales between her fingers; she is most lovely and graceful. The male sits on a rock, always scanning the sea for cases of brandy lost from wrecked ships.

Silkies: Are seals by day but men and women by night. They are fabled to be extreme beauties.

Lianhan Shee: Love Fairy. She seeks the love of mortal men at a high cost. She creates such desire in her lovers that they will overcome all obstacles to embrace her. She does insist on meeting her lovers in Tir-na-n-Og. Mortal men must die to enjoy her fairy delights.

Changelings: This is the dreaded creature of all mothers. These mean, ill-tempered fairies trade places with mortal children. The children are sent to Fairyland to play beside the fairies. There are ways to banish the Changeling and thus bring back the mortal child in perfect condition.

Pooka: This creature can appear as a Black Horse, an Eagle or a Black Goat. In ancient days the pooka was in charge of all that went ventured our after dark, except those on missions of mercy.

Dullaham: (Gan Ceann) rides during the dead of night. He is a headless horseman riding wild upon a headless horse. Wherever he stops a mortal dies. They fear gold, so to save your soul, always carry a gold coin in your pocket.

Banshee Fairy: The banshee, from ban (bean), a woman, and Shee (Sidhe, a fairy), is an attendant fairy. She wails only for certain families, those whose names have Mac/Mc’ or ‘O’. She heralds their passing into the otherworld with fierce wails and moaning.   She normally appears in one of three stages: a lovely young woman, a graced matron or an old knowledgeable hag. These represent the Celtic triple goddess made so famous over the years – Mother, Maiden, and Crone. She also appears in a variety of other forms, such as that of a hooded crow, stoat, hare and weasel. These are all animals associated with witchcraft in Ireland.

Join me again for more tales of the Celtic Lands. We have much to discuss, St. Patrick, Book of Kells, The Otherworld, Tir Na n-og, Holidays, Runes, Goddesses, Gaelic and perhaps even a way to see Fairies in your everyday world or how to obtain the pot of Gold from that dreaded Leprechaun. Magic and Adventure is all around you, just close your eyes, open your heart and listen to your soul. Celtic Magic is everywhere.   Visit me at

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A celtic haunted highway new book coming soon

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New book is in the works. A Celtic Haunted Highway? is a unique story of connecting through a weird trip exploring haunted places in Western Washington. A mother and son learn about ghosts, Celtic pubs and cemeteries and they travel from Port Angeles, WA to Portland, OR. They learn about how life takes the most interesting turns and how we survive and rise out of the ashes of change.

Excerpt from the book (copyright 2017 Kristin Olsen)

It is really hard to talk about our kids flaws and mistakes. As parents, we want the best for our kids. Did our parents make mistakes with us? Of course they did, and did we or will we make mistakes with our own kids, certainly we will. Nobody walks out of the world perfect with no physical or mental damage. Life causes damage, the solitary act of breathing causes damage. Ozone depletion, toxins in the air, the flower or tree your allergic to, acid rain or too much sunshine that burns sensitive skin all cause damage of some kind to us. Mental damage can be of someone else’s making or from our own decisions and the cause and effect of the choices we make or chose not to make.

How do we survive? We learn, we grow, we challenge and are challenged. We test, we make mistakes, and we err on the side of caution or toss that caution to the wind. Play it safe or run with your hair on fire from one experience to the next? Who is here to tell us what the right and wrong way is? To help us succeed or pick us up when we fall? Our parents, our siblings, friends, family, co-workers, enemies, hero’s and villains all play a part in our game of life. Life is about opening your eyes to the possibilities and putting on your shades when it gets to hot your going to get burned. If you do get burned, it is about how you handle the band-aid presented to you that matters and teaches us lessons and realities of this world.

In every situation that is an action, there is a reaction, then a response to both the action and reaction. The possible outcomes to any one given moment in time are limitless and endless. There is no way to determine what is right or wrong for someone else in that blink of an eye. We can only hope they do what we hope they will do because that is the only place of perspective we have to judge or view any situation. It is our bias, our background, our thoughts and feelings that we are projecting on the other person.

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Ode to a celtic mother

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mum tapestry People in our lives come and go…
Sometimes they leave so suddenly it’s a terrible blow.
My dearest mother my bestest friend,
I loved you every day until that tragic end.
You held my hand as I learned to walk,
And encouraged every word and sound as I learned to talk.
You thought me how to ride a bike,
When I was just a wee small tike.
You blessed me all along my path…
And only rarely did you show your wrath.
You encouraged me and allowed me to be,
And I all of a sudden I became free.
The lessons you so generously blessed,
Allowed me to become my very best.
Soaring on my wings so free,
I am almost who and where I want to be.
I think of you every single day,
And can almost see you shinning down from heaven like a majestic ray.
I know we will meet again some day….
Thank you mom I love you true,
You shine so brightly I can never be blue from missing you.
Happy Mother’s day….year 14 of missing u.