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We have been flooded with eMails asking what music we listen to in the office, what movies we watch & what books we read.  We have been asked the best places to stay in Ireland, Scotland & Wales and what are the cool spots to visit.  We will try to keep this section updated as we travel.  We will include hot spots of Celtic influence in the U.S.A as well.  We hope you enjoy.  If you have something to add to these pages, don't hesitate to eMail us!

  • Music Opinions: The Corrs (Breathless), Flogging Molly, Chieftains & Proclaimers.
  • Movie Opinions:
    • Michael Collins - This movie is beyond compare.  Liam Neeson is amazing in this movie.  A must see!  A story about the Revolutionary figure in Irish History.
    • Bloody Sunday - This Film is slow to start, but pay attention to every detail.  It shows how both the British Forces and the Irish Rebels were at fault for the days events.  It made me angry as proponent for a united Ireland and it made me cry.  It also made me feel very sorry for the British Soldiers who lied about the days events, they had to live with the horror.  The film tells the story of Bloody Sunday - January 30, 1972 - as it unfolded over one day, chronicling the arrival of thousands of British troops in the tense and crowded streets of Derry in Northern Ireland and the simultaneous preparations by civil rights leaders for a nonviolent but forceful march that was to make the case for Irish self-determination. It focuses in particular on two stories, that of march organizer Ivan Cooper, a Protestant in the Catholic sector with a fervently-held belief in the need for peaceful change, and Gerry Donahue, a Catholic rebel with a Protestant girlfriend who might be settling down but is drawn into the struggle. The day tragically ended with British troops killing thirteen unarmed civilians, and it changed the course of history.
  • Book Opinions: 
  • Favorite Places to Visit: 
    • Poulsbo, WA - This is a quaint little Norwegian town.  The main street is lined with antique shops and the Norwegian Flag is flying proudly all up and down the street!  For more info on Poulsbo - Click Here!
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