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  • Think how wonderful it would be to buy all you Holiday and Everyday Gifts, Office Supplies, Housewares and even Sweets form the comfort of your home or office!  Wow!  No rushing, no supermarket lines, no heavy bags to haul, no hassle over finding a parking space...
  • Well all you need is Internet Access!  All you need is on the Internet.  It not only saves you time & hassles, but also money in a lot of cases.  You can even have your gifts wrapped (inquire from each website to make sure this option is available).
  • Of course you need to consider the potential concerns.  Is it really safe to give your credit card details over the internet, and what do you do if your gifts or purchases don't turn up in a timely manner or at all?  Here are some tips on how to recognize reputable websites and some dangers to look out for when using the World Wide Web for making purchases.
    • Look at several websites before you decide which to buy from.  Sometimes the web-based only sites have lower prices because of no Retail Store overhead.
    • If you need Familiarity, stick with Company Names you know - Target, Kmart, Amazon, Lands End and of course Celtic Attic.
    • Make sure the address of the business is listed somewhere on the Main Page or under the Contact Us or About Us sections.  A lot of companies use a PO Box for convenience because Retail and Online businesses tend to get a lot of (Junk Mail), but be wary of this.  You can contact the business via eMail or phone and find out if they have a physical address available to their customers.  If they don't, the decision is yours.  Make sure they have a valid eMail contact address and a valid Telephone Number.  An 800 number is perfect, but some companies don't  have this available - that is still acceptable.
    • A lot of companies now are listed with Safe Shopper, Web Trader (Europe & UK), Scottish Products Safe Shoppers and a variety of other third party sites that monitor the performance and business practices on the internet.
    • Remember that if you are buying from a company inside the USA and you are located elsewhere in the world that there may be VAT or Duty charges that are not included in the purchase price on most internet stores.
    • Every website has a different delivery schedule.  A lot of the larger sites and some smaller, on the ball, sites (like celtic attic), usually deliver within 5 -10 working days or less.  Some offer next day shipping if the item is in stock (like celtic attic, but SHH don't tell anyone).  Check very carefully what the website says about delivery time and also about what happens when an item is back-ordered.
    • Remember if you are buying for an Event such as a Birthday, Wedding or Christmas - start early.  IF you order 1 week before the event and there is a problem with the Post, this one is on you as well as the Post.  Most internet companies cannot absolutely guarantee delivery because of acts of nature or man!  So order well in advance of your event to insure delivery in a timely manner.
    • Always check on the companies return policies.  You might not get exactly what you expect, it could have been damaged or broken in transport or the size is not what you are used to purchasing and the item does not fit properly.
    • If you do not recognize a charge on your credit card, try calling the Merchant before you file a claim with your credit card company.  A lot of times online merchants go by the name of a Parent or Subsidiary company to keep costs in house. IF you file a claim a lot of Merchant Accounts will not refund the money to the merchant without going through many hassles including a letter from the person who filed the claim stating they were in error.  So, call the merchant in dispute first, if at all possible.


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