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8 Basic Knots

The Celts who first drew knotwork patterns most likely had no meaning attached to their knotwork.  Many people eMail and ask for the meanings behind the different knots and jewelry.  I have come across some common MODERN meanings which I have listed below.  Keep in mind that there were 8 BASIC KNOTS used by the Celts and their meaning, if any, will remain a mystery!

3 cord plait knot The three-cord plait
knot 1 Knot #1
knot 2 Knot #2
4 cord plait The four-cord plait
knot 3 Knot #3
knot 4 Knot #4
knot 5 Knot #5
knot 6 Knot #6
knot 7 Knot #7
knot 8 Knot #8
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