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Scottish Easter Traditions

Easter in England

People who live in Olney, a town in England, celebrate Pancake Tuesday with a special event. They hold a pancake race on every Shrove Tuesday for over 500 years.

People in England, hundreds of years ago began eating ham on Easter Sunday.

In some parts of England, these springtime dancers are called "Morris Dancers." They wear white shirts and red sashes. They have straw hats with streamers that dip and curl when they dance. Red and green ribbons are tied above the knees of their black trousers. Rows of little bells jingle as the dancers perform. The Morris dance is hundreds of years old.

In England, a favourite custom on Easter Monday and Tuesday was called "lifting" or "heaving".

In England, pussy willow branches are picked especially for Easter. People tap each other with them for good luck.

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