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This is my Irish Heritage: I have come across some new info and pictures and if anyone wants to connect on the Finkler or O'Bannon info let me know.
  • Ella Kilner Lauchner-  her real parents via her second legal marriage paperwork are listed as John Kilner ( c 1850 perhaps born in Germany) & Libby Brobst Ella was actually adopted parents were Maria & Edward Lauchner.  The story was told that they also adopted all her children but this was not actually the case.  They just adopted Ella and then arranged her marriage to first husband Thomas Finkler at the age of 16.
  • 1st husband of Ella  - Thomas Finkler c. 1870 d. 3/23/1904 (his parents were Peter Finkler from Prussia and Caroline  b. 1847)  Peter married again after Caroline died in 1904.  Peter and Caroline had 3 children, Lilian, Thomas, George..  His second wife was Julia McGill.  Caroline had a previous spouse Peter Keiser and they had 4 children Elsa, Edward, Ellen & John.

    Children of Ella & Thomas

    • William Edgar [Finkler] c. 1887
      • Charles c 1912
      • William A. c. 1915 [Dorothy]
      • Mary c. 1918
    • Jenny [Finkler] c. 1889 m Herberger
      • Cecelia Regnet Herberger
    • Ruth [Finkler] c. 1895 m Harry Geary, Sr.
      • Harry Geary, jr
    • Fern [Finkler] c. 1897 m Joseph Cleary
    • Margaret [Finkler[ c. 1899 m Richard Reich
      • Richard Reich c. 1927
      • Betty
    • Dorothy [Finkler] c. 1901 m Young
    • Celia [Finkler] c. 1903 m Fred Nies
    • Charles Edward [O'Bannon] Lauchner b. August 29, 1905, birth place leads us to believe he might have been born in Canada or in NY or Ireland. [Mildred Peterson b. August 7, 1912]   Charles was never legally adopted by the Launcher's.  His biological father was Patrick O'Bannon who was killed in a railroad accident shortly after Charles was born.  Patrick was born in County Cork, Ireland and came to the USA in the late 1800's - early 1900's.  We are not sure if he immigrated or not at this time.  We have just uncovered that Ella moved to NY shortly after her husband Peter Finkler died.  She was present in the 1905 census there, in Buffalo, NY.  She is also listed in an index in 1906 and then in a marriage license certificate in Canada, right across the Niagra Falls border in 1910.  She married Her second husband Frank Shreck in Canada in 1910.  Since there is no listing in NY or Canada that we can find and there were writings left by Charles about his father being of Irish ancestry we are trying to find birth or baptismal records in NY, Canada and Ireland on Charles Edward.  We are just not sure where this is heading, but Charles father is of Irish heritage and Charles was born out of wedlock.


      • Shirley Alma Lauchner b September 29, 1932 d. January 23, 2003 (New York) [Wilhelm Frithjof Olsen October 16, 1929 Kristiansand, Norway]
        • Kristin Olsen b. January 28, 1964 NY [David Benny Alls b. February 3, 1953 CA] All children are from previous relationships.
          • Joshua David Richard b. October 25, 1985 CA (Father David L. Richards)
          • Jeremy Ryan Olsen b. January 28, 1991 CA (Father John Paul Higgins) married Melissa Rose Day
          • Zachariah Dakota Olsen b. July 16, 1994 CA (Father Steven Arthur Guerrero)
      • Edward Alan Lauchner b. 1936 (New York) [Sharon Tanke c 1936]
        • Craig Lauchner b. December 26, 1962 [Stacy]
        • Mindy Lauchner b. August 1966 adopted child [Mark Porter]
        • Terry Lauchner b. August 1968 [Mike Dewise]
          • Boy Dewise b. 1998
          • Boy Dewise b. 1999





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