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Shirley Alma OlsenIt is with the most Heartfelt Sadness that we announce the death of Celtic Attic's Shirley Olsen.  She is the mother of owner - Kristin Olsen-Alls.  She passed suddenly from Heart Failure on January 23rd 2003!  She will be missed, but always will her Angel's Wings be heard close to our hearts and open minds.

Below you will find a collection of pictures, poems and information about the Celtic Attic Matriarch and beloved mother of Kristin Olsen.  We don't enough or say what we want to and then suddenly you turn and they are gone! I know I could have done much more, given the opportunity of more time with my Mum!  I do know that she was proud, happy and lived a very full and blessed life!  She is now experiencing the next level of our existence and she is always close and watching over us....She has taught me to truly appreciate what I have and those around me!

Shirley as a baby Shirley Skiing


Below is a story that Kristin wrote to the Local Newspaper about her husband, children, paramedics, volunteers and ambulance service persons that responded to the 911 emergency call when Shirley collapsed on January 23, 2003.  This was Kristin's way of thanking everyone at one of the most difficult times in her life.

Please double click on the images to read the story.

Hometown Hero's Part 1 Hometown Hero's Part 2 


A Final Word from your Daughter, Kristin

Mom, you died so suddenly that we never got a chance to say goodbye.
No telling thoughts of the life we lived
the happiness and the sadness we endured together and apart.
I hope you know I loved you.
You always did the best you could, be it right or wrong
For me and us and we.
You were a little selfish, a lot spoiled,
yet always caring.
You had a wicked sense of humor.
You lived and loved the best you could
with your memory fading.
You ran to meet
the Generations that had passed before you
With open arms and apprehension.
In the end, life’s last breath is heaved and sighed.
And only the angels and spirits rejoice
While the rest of us hang our heads
and cry.

©® Kristin Olsen-Alls 2003


A Moment

A single, solitary moment
In the intertwining fabric
Of space and time
A moment
A baby’s cry, a tear,
A kiss on the cheek,
The sound of laughter
The unresounding crash
Of a broken heart
A moment
A single thought
A single action
A single glance
A single kiss
A single word of kindness
A moment
A lifetime
A death
A goodbye

©® Kristin Olsen-Alls 2003

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