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Direct from designer. Amulets are approx 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. These are very unique. Each Item is individually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike. All Amulets come with black satin cord and information card. All images and products are copyrighted by Seeds of Light, Inc.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of these lovely custom items.

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She is Love AmuletShe is Love Amulet $50.00US She is Love Beautiful, self assured, magnetic, compassionate, and confident Goddess icon-Aphrodite Goddess of spiritual and passionate love Empowering stones Rose quartz is known for inspiring feelings of love, friendship & quiet self-confidence. The Love stone. Pink Tourmaline strengthens the will to understand love so it can be used to direct and intensify passion & devotion. Bringing forth the synthesis of love and spirituality. Garnet increases physical energy & fires the passions. It inspires romantic love, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy & self-confidence.

She is Magic AmuletShe is Magic Amulet $50.00US She is Magic Intuition, insight, psychic, illumination, perceptive, magical Goddess Icons -Isis She is the oldest of the goddesses, the mother and the giver of all life. Empowering stones Amethyst can help open to psychic abilities. It is an excellent stone for meditation or dream work, past life work, and can help you see your path. Lapis limitless in its wisdom intuition and communication skills Known as the "stone of total awareness", it helps to expand intellectual capacity allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of one nature Jet is a powerful healer and protector. It absorbs negativity, helps with centering, regulates energy flow, and promotes psychism. Jet also heightens magical effects. Jet also strengthens psychic awareness.

She is Wisdom AmuletShe is Wisdom Amulet $50.00US Successful, empowered, fearless, intelligent, courageous and graceful Goddess Icon-Athena Empowering stones Lapis is limitless in its wisdom, intuition and communication skills Known as the "stone of total awareness"; it helps to expand intellectual capacity allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of one nature. Moonstone can be used to alleviate emotional tension and to enhance the positive attributes of creativity and self-expression. It stimulates confidence and composure.

Attraction AmuletAttraction Amulet $50.00US Goldstone attracts love and positive energy and then teaches us how to accept it. Amethyst allows divine love to enter in union and brings with it protective qualities, while the Garnet then ushers in compassion and love. They all work together to attract positive loving relationships.

Healer AmuletHealer Amulet $50.00US Aventurine brings comfort and soothing energy to help dissolve unhealthy thoughts, feelings and physical problems. Amethyst then teaches the wearer to surrender and let go, bringing balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Love AmuletLove Amulet $50.00US When Rose Quartz and Amethyst are used together, the direction of energy is transformed into awakened consciousness to self-love. When worn, the wearer will initiate a time of nurturing and forgiveness, reprogramming the heart to love itself.

Power AmuletPower Amulet $50.00US Amethyst and Rhodonite usher a state of higher love in an earthly way. The Amethyst helps transmute the reality of higher consciousness into everyday living. Rhodonite then assists the wearer to stay in their heart while maintaining personal integrity in any mundane activity or place.

Prosperity AmuletProsperity Amulet $50.00US Emerald and Citrine complement each other by attracting prosperity and abundance in all things. Peridot opens up new doors of opportunity and amethyst awakens our psychic ability and intuition, allowing the prosperity to flow in.

Psychic AmuletPsychic Amulet $50.00US Sodalite and Amethyst join together to awaken our clairvoyant abilities, open our psychic eye and to expand and increase mental clarity.

Letting Go AmuletLetting Go Amulet $50.00US Letting Go (Stress-free) Blue Lace Agate and Aventurine liberates one from pressure and stress, promotes good will and lightens situations. Helps relieves emotional disorders caused by stress. Rhodochrosite brings energy, light heartedness and cheerful attitude.

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