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Decorate your Life and Home with a Celtic Twist!

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Bangles Only

Some Cute and Quaint Celtic Bracelets and Bangles.

What do those Celtic Symbols & Knotwork mean!

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JBC233.JPG (8780 bytes)Celtic Heart Bracelet $22.00US Crafted of the highest quality, lead free pewter, this bracelet is an enchanting piece of jewelry. With a width of 2 1/2" and an open back, it is fashioned into a chain woven knots, coming to a focus at the center where the woven designs unravel into an intricate heart-shaped pattern. Accented with three green gems that sparkle down the center of the heart, it makes a wonderful piece of jewelry for children and the petite. AZ

JBJ136.JPG (10136 bytes)Celtic Cross Bracelet $25.00US Providing the beautiful imagery of a Celtic Cross at its center, this bracelet is a beautiful example of Celtic design in jewelry. Measuring approximately 2 1/2" in diameter with an open back, its wide band is a tangled display of elaborate Celtic knotwork, repeating itself to create a beautiful pattern of hoops and angles. This pattern leads to the cross at its center, with two crossing arms of equal length, filled with twisting knotwork, and a wide hoop that encircles the whole design. All of this, crafted in the finest lead-free pewter, creates a beautiful example of the unity of nature and the spirit envisioned by the ancient Celts. AZ

JB6080L.jpg (12125 bytes)Celtic Weave Bracelet $12.00US Created out of flexible brass so as to be one-size-fits-all, this bracelet beautifully displays an intricate wire weave within a braided pattern resembling the complex weaves reminiscent of ancient Celtic designs. With its smooth back it comfortably conforms to your wrist, with a thick 3/4" band that measures approximately 2 1/2" wide before flexing. AZ

anamcara.jpg (19210 bytes)My Anam Cara Bracelet $20.00US Do you have someone in your life that you consider your Soul Mate? Our Pewter “Mo Anam Cara…My Soul Mate” Cuff Bracelet features this strong message of love and devotion in the Irish Gaelic and English languages. The bracelet is lead-free, and has an overlay of precious Sterling silver. Exchange bracelets with your Soul Mate, and have your names engraved on each for a beautiful and very meaningful gift idea! What a great idea for a loved one overseas! 9/16” width

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