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The meaning of the Celtic Cross:  The shaft represents the spiritual bridge between heaven & earth. The cross bar is a male symbol.  The circle is the female symbol representing unity of all life.  The four sides divide the world into 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 seasons and separates heaven & earth.  The part of the cross that falls within the circle unites male & female.  The point at the center represents the Most High God.  The Knotwork is symbolic of the eternal process of man's spiritual growth.

What do those Celtic Symbols & Knotwork mean!

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 Celtic Cross LargeCeltic Cross $22.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. Complete with bead and booklet. actual size 1 3/8" w x 1 3/4" h.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

 Celtic Cross LargeCeltic Cross Large $30.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. Complete with bead and booklet. actual size 2 1/4" w x 3" h.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

JB700.JPG (5607 bytes)Brigit's Cross Pendant $25.00US This pendant is sterling silver. It is 1-1/4” x 1-1/4”. Chain  or Green Cord depending on supplies AZ

Runic Celtic Cross PendantRunic Celtic Cross Pendant $31.00US Knowledge and Magical Ability. Crafted in pewter, accented with gold and provided with a chain.  Approximately 1½" in diameter. STAR

Gothic Cross Gothic Cross $22.00US Pewter  Inspired by the dark, but creative Gothic subculture of the today. Expressing the essence of 13th century Gothic cathedrals and fashioned in the shape of the mythical vampire, our cross can bring light from the dark, as well as strong protection against evil. actual size 1 3/4" h x 1 3/8" w.  Comes on an adjustable black cord. 

Celtic Cross PendantCeltic Cross Pendant $25.00US This sterling silver pendant is 1-1/8” long including the bail, which has an opening of approximately 5mm. The cross is 1/2” wide. Complete with Chain or Green Cord depending on supplies. QU

APROTC.JPG (9379 bytes)Protection Cross Amulet $15.00US Set with a green Swarovski stone and adorned with Celtic knotwork on every available surface, this 2" long Celtic cross amulet is charged to bring an extra level of protection into your life. AZ

Q4163-2.jpg (21486 bytes)Claddagh Cross Pendant $30.00US This cross has a kiss of antiquity, a touch of centuries gone by. The Cross has woven traditional knot work all around of the claddagh. It is a high cross because of the ring in the center meaning eternity. You will love wearing this one! We have included a very sturdy 316L Stainless Steel chain. No polishing needed. Perfectly appropriate for man or woman. QU

JCA449.JPG (18864 bytes)Celtic Knotwork Cross $10.00US Highly decorated with Celtic knotwork, and other ornate scroll work that gives the impression of vines and flowers, this Celtic Cross pendant is sculpted of heavyweight pewter that doesn't spare any attention to detail. Hanging approximately 1" wide by 1 1/2" long, its bail allow you to hang it on your favorite cord or chain. AZ

scottish_cross.jpg (17267 bytes)Scottish Dupplin Cross $25.00US Stainless Steel Dupplin Cross of Scotland is a stunning recreation of the 1200 year old High Cross which now resides by St. Serf’s Church in Dunning, Scotland. Painstaking attention to detail on this Celtic piece includes ornate spirals and Knotwork, a horseman with spear, six warriors, and a hunting dog- we have even kept the small “chip” in the base to remain true to the original eight-foot high masterpiece. If you are moved by ancient artifacts, this incredible piece of jewelry is for you. Approx. 2 ¼” length. Approx. ¾” width Attached bail. In 1990, a cast of the Dupplin Cross revealed a partial inscription reading CUSTANTIN FILIUS FIRCUSS(U), which links the cross to Constantin Mac Fergussa, King of the Picts in 811-820 A.D. The Picts were the ancient people of Scotland.

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