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Symbolism Pendants

What do those Celtic Symbols & Knotwork mean!

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 Brigit PendantBrigit Pendant $25.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. Brigit, the great triple Goddess of the Irish Celts known as Brigantia in England, Bride in Scotland and Brigandu in Celtic France. Brigit is identified with the Earth herself and with the soil of fertility. A deity so intensely related to the feminine force that no man was allowed to pass beyond the hedge surrounding her sanctuary. actual size 1 1/8" diameter.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

Artemis - Moon GoddessArtemis  Moon Goddess $22.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. "I am Artemis, daughter of Zeus. I am Strong and swift. I run in the woods, wild and free, doing what I please. I am the ever-youthful female spirit of adventure; young and old, no challenge is too great for me! I am the protectress for all women and of the virgin girls. I am called upon to ease the pain of childbirth. I am the Goddess of the Moon and Goddess of the Hunt. actual size 1 1/4" w x 1 1/2" h.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

 Faery Star PendantFaery Star Pendant $22.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. The septagram, or Faery Star, is also used instead of, or with the Pentagram, by many Faery and Celtic-based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit. actual size 1".  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

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