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Celtic Attic Proudly adds these wonderful Dragon Pendants for your shopping pleasure.  Enjoy!

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JBD236.JPG (14066 bytes)Dragon Bracelet $22.00US Crafted of the highest quality, lead free pewter, this bracelet is an enchanting piece of jewelry. With a width of 2 " and an open back, its inner surface is flat and smooth, and comfortable against the skin. The outer surface is carved so to present a band of reptile scales, framed by the graceful flicker of flames. Accented at the center by the image of a dragon in flight, with wings wide and its serpentine body curled around itself, it makes a wonderful ornament for bodies of all shapes and sizes. AZ

COM02.jpg (59206 bytes)Dragon Heart for Lasting Love $80.00US In a loving, heart-shaped embrace, the subtle magic of Golden Dragon merges with the protection offered by Silver Dragon, and they become as one perfect being. Each pendant comes with a 925 sterling silver 18" chain and gift box. Approximate size: 1¼". SL

Gothic DragonGothic Dragon $22.00US Pewter  The Gothic Dragon comes with a 36" cord, accent bead and booklet. Much of dragon lore tells us that dragons were loathsome beasts and evil enemies to humankind. But dragons were born of a time other than men; a time of chaos; a time of creation out of destruction! The dragon is a fabulous and universal symbolic figure found in most cultures thought the world. The guardian of the 'Flaming Pearl" symbol of spiritual perfection and powerful amulet of luck.  actual size 1 3/8" w x 1 3/8" h.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

JD220.JPG (17318 bytes)Dragon Trinity Pendant $22.00US Delicately crafted of the finest lead-free pewter, this 1 1/2" in diameter charm features a vividly detailed scene of three dragons circling each other in flight. With their wings spread wide and their jaws opened as if ready to strike, they present a bold, fierce image, accented by the black multi-faceted stone that they surround, and around which their snapping maws close. Suspended on a 23" clasped chain this necklace makes a lovely addition to the jewelry collection of any dragon lover. AZ

Dragon Shield PendantDragon Shield Pendant $25.00US Pewter Dragons were born of the Elements; creatures of Earth and ocean; creatures of flight; of fire and thunder; creatures of great Mysticism and Magic. Dragons emerged at the Beginning; the time of Creation; the time of chaos. Dragons were born long before men set foot upon the earth; ancient creatures, erudite, possessed of the wisdom of the ages. Legend says that Dragons-being born of the elements, became Protectors of the Skies, Seas, the Earth, and Mankind. The famous Four Dragons Of Chinese Myth saved humanity from the wrath of the Gods even though the dragons lost their lives in the process. 1" 3/8"  diameter.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

azACDRA.JPG (14344 bytes)Celtic Dragon Amulet $20.00US Representing the raw, elemental power of nature dragons are frequently revered within Celtic myth as well as other legends throughout the world. This dragon is used to represent this raw power, and aid help focus your energies to aid in drawing upon these raw elements to empower your rituals and spells. This amulet, made of pewter, measures approximately 1 1/4" in long and 1 1/4" wide. AZ

COM09.jpg (65132 bytes)Dragon Goddess for Balance & Harmony $80.00US Babylonian Mother Goddess Tiamat took dragon form while giving birth to her invincible children. She then magically divided, one half becoming Sky, and her other half Earth, to rule for all eternity. Each pendant comes with a 925 sterling silver 18" chain and gift box. Approximate size: 1¼" STAR

COM10.jpg (62227 bytes)Celestial Dragon for Inner Peace $80.00US Favourite of the Chinese emperors, the Celestial Dragon’s scales hold the magical secrets of Yin and Yang. Protecting a crystal in the colour sacred to the fabled Terracotta Army, Celestial Dragon ensures triumph over evil. Each pendant comes with a 925 sterling silver 18" chain and gift box. Approximate size: 1½". SL

JD024.JPG (11094 bytes)Alchemy Dragon Pendant $16.00US Crafted from the finest lead-free pewter and hanging 1 3/4" long and 1 3/8" wide, this necklace makes an enchanting adornment to any outfit. Shaped into the image of a dragon at flight, the body of this necklace`s pendant is the sinuous body and tail of that majestic winged serpent. Accented at the tip with a multi-faceted red gem representing the dragon`s fiery breath, and backed by a 3/4" in diameter disk etched with the image of swirling flames, this piece is a potent charm or talisman for any seeking a deeper affinity with or understanding of the element of Fire. AZ

ADIVDRA.JPG (7635 bytes)Divination Dragon Pendant $25.00US Calling upon the greater wisdom of the dragons, this amulet is a great aid in divination magic, helping to find clearer truths in those mysteries that you explore. Crafted of the highest quality, lead-free pewter and hanging 2 inches long, this amulet`s upper half is shaped into a dragon rearing back upon its hind legs, with its glistening wings folded to its back. In his claws he clutches a colorful gem, from which he can divine the answers you seek. Rooted in a base that is a large, clear, faceted gem this amulet can double as a pendulum should you wish it, coming with a 30 inch cord from which to wear or hang it. AZ

JB176.jpg (54802 bytes)Small Bronze Dragon Pendant $21.00US A solid bronze Celtic dragon. Has cord. 1 1/2” X 2 1/4” AZ

JB173.jpg (59035 bytes)Bronze Dragon Pendant $32.00US A solid bronze dragon in the celtic style. Has cord. 2 1/4” x 2 1/4” AZ

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