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Steampunk' designs revolve around Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein's, (or 'EER', Victorian 'descendant' to the original, 18th century Dr von Rosenstein), incredible Galvanic Matter Transposition System for 'pronto mass remotion' - the earliest known 'teleporter', or 'three-dimensional fax machine'! Known as the 'GMT', this sensational invention was sadly, completely lost to science. However, from a combination of surviving fragments, anecdotal evidence and recently-found early drawings, Alchemy Gothic have reconstructed several of the Rosenstein GMT's principle elements.

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P629.jpg (33201 bytes)The Steam-Saw Trepanator $95.00US Advanced, Victorian experimental neurotechnology instrumentation, developed for speedy en-mass treatment of victims following the effects of the full moon eclipse of 1855, in the midst of the Crimean War. 4-tone pewter with spinning brass blade.

P604.jpg (29250 bytes)Bell-Telegraph Candlestick Aigleterre $110.00US A cascading inventory of components from the avant-guard of 19th century communication technology - a swaggering testimony to the inexorable march of progress.

P592.jpg (24587 bytes)Steamhammer $70.00US Level mountains in a single blow, with the patent, new "Mjollnir of the modern age"!

P588.jpg (24336 bytes)Clockwork Darter $120.00US The ubiquitous Victorian dragonfly, ingeniously brought-up to the latest in technical specifications.

P567.jpg (33979 bytes)Corvus Machina $120.00US The perfection of life force and the seat of the deepest desires of modern man; brass-hinged locket with magnetic catch, glass rods and etched brass components.

P544.jpg (24537 bytes)GMT Electro Magnetic Chamber $105.00US Conceptacle and starting-point for the proto mass remotion process. An object is placed in the chamber, (such as a gothic tadpole!) and, according to plan, is miraculously 'transposited' to the GMT's 'adytum', (B84 - Buckle); corked glass phial chamber suspended in the field of the electromagnet.

P541.jpg (24432 bytes)GMT Quantum Displacer Control $95.00US An essential piece of equipment for any selfrespecting, Victorian cyber-junkie, and the means by which they would calibrate the necessary compensation for entropic shift in matter when enabling transposition.

P188.jpg (27453 bytes)Anguistralobe $50.00US Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies; pewter and brass.

R170.jpg (20265 bytes)The J-32m Electrical Telegraph Finger Tappe $95.00US Early precursor to the modern mobile communications revolution, this model of straight key Morse transmitter was eventually developed into its famous latter-day US military desk standard. Tri-tone pewter with articulated 'tapper' mechanism. Y,W,T,Q,N

A15.jpg (26431 bytes) $65.00US Early scientific instrumental band for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations; in antiqued pewter and solid brass. Size: Medium Adj.

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