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Thors HammerThors Hammer $20.00US Pewter The magic hammer of the Thunder God - Thor. The hammer was called "Mjolnir" and was said to produce lightening bolts. "Mjolnir" made Thor invincible in battle against Gods and men.  Comes on a black cord with bead. Measures approx. 1 x 1.

JB119.jpg (28165 bytes)Bronze Rune Thors Hammer $20.00US A solid bronze Thor’s Hammer. Has cord. 3/4” x 1” AZ

Outlander AxeOutlander Axe $22.00US Pewter This original sculpting, was inspired by Ancient Warrior tales of the Icelandic Viking myth. The axe has several power symbols combined into the design. The hilt is capped by a terrifying skull; a symbol of the power of death. The tip of the axe is shaped like a Raven’s head; symbol of the valkyrie or “battle maids”- death angels who delighted in warfare and guided the warrior’s souls to Valhalla after their heroic deaths. On the blade of the double headed axe are designs resembling the Nordic rune, “Perthro”, the symbol of luck to help insure Victory in Battle!!!  The Outlander Battle symbolizes strength of arms, victory in battle, and life after death!  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

A Warriors Pendant Valhalla Pendant $25.00US Pewter actual size: 1" h X 1 & 1/4"w.  A combination of various symbols all associated with the Norse All Father God, Odin. In the center of the back is the "Valknut", three interlocking triangles which translates as the "Knot of the Fallen". To bear this mark signified that the wearer had dedicated their life to the service of Odin and upon death would be carried by his servants, The Valkyries in the form of raven to Valhalla to feast until Ragnarok when the warriors would all emerge from the hall to fight the hell beasts. We are droplets of god, and an essential part of everything. May these runes empower and protect the wearer to this path.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.


Thors HammerThors Hammer Large $25.00US Pewter The magic hammer of the Thunder God - Thor. The hammer was called "Mjolnir" and was said to produce lightening bolts. "Mjolnir" made Thor invincible in battle against Gods and men.  Comes on a black cord with bead.  Approx. 2 x 2".


Viking Thors Hammer PendantViking Thors Hammer Pendant $40.00US Viking God Thor's magical hammer, an invincible weapon of supernatural strength, was worn as a powerful amulet for personal and psychic protection.  For Personal and Psychic Protection. Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain.  Approximate size: 1¼" x 1¾" STAR

JPEW5955.JPG (27189 bytes)Thors Hammer  $20.00US This heavy sterling silver/pewter pendant features Celtic and other designs on the Thor's hammer. Measures 1 x 1" & Chain included. az


FI39.jpg (195615 bytes)Freya Pendant $35.00US The northern Goddess of great beauty and enchantment rides the night sky to pleasures inconceivable… Silver plated pewter pendant accented with Swarovski crystals and supplied with a 22" chain. Approximate size: 1" in diameter. SL

Dragonhead Boat Pendant Dragonhead Boat Pendant $24.95US The longboat figurehead was an important magical charm believed to frighten off supernatural predators just as defensive shields would protect them from human foes. Voyages could be dangerous, and the Vikings sought the guardianship of the dragon symbol for protection and good fortune when away from home.  For Safety on Journeys. Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: 1" x 1½" STAR

Viking Hero PendantViking Hero Pendant $26.95US Vikings strove to be brave warriors, daring in battle and contemptuous of defeat. They were motivated by the unshakeable belief in their ultimate reward in Valhalla. The Viking hero, in helmet and heavily embossed shield, personifies the Viking spirit.  For Courage and Endurance. Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: ⅞" x 2"STAR

Odin's Mask PendantOdin's Mask Pendant $26.95US Mythology relates that Odin sometimes wore a mask when encountering potential opponents. This mask was so terrifying that enemies often retreated without any need for fighting on Odin's part, thus saving "AllFather's" energy, for more enjoyable and profitable pursuits.  For Cunning and Discretion. Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: 1" x 1½" STAR

Roving Longboat PendantRound Roving Longboat Pendant $26.95US The Vikings knew the sea better than any, their extensive coastline tempting exploration in great longboats which allowed travel in swiftness and safety. So loved and admired were longboats that poets sang of them and Viking sculptors carved them on the famous Gotland picture stones. Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: 1" in diameter. STAR

JB101.jpg (21461 bytes)Bronze Thors Hammer $22.00US A highly detailed and heavily carved Thor’s Hammer made from bronze. Has cord. 1” x 1 1/4” AZ

Odin Sword PendantOdin Sword Pendant $23.95US Decorated in Odin's bind rune spells, this sword is reputed to Guard and Protect the wearer's Body, Soul, Hearth and Home. Produced in lead-free polished pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and provided with a 20" chain.  Approximate size: 2¼" x ½" STAR

ACTHO.JPG (16164 bytes)Norse Pride Pendant $15.00US Depicting the serpent that wrestled with Thor and encircled the world in its immense length, this amulet shows Jormungandr, swallowing his own tail after it forms the complex weave of a Celtic knot, framed with his own body. A powerful symbol of everlasting strength, this amulet is intended to aid you when you need to call upon extra reserves of will and mental energy. The amulet measures approximately 1" in diameter and comes strung upon a 24" black nylon cord. Pewter AZ

JTP728_Z.jpg (8571 bytes) Viking Thors Hammer Amber Pendant $60.00US A classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking leader/warlord. The head of a dragon bites the chain and the Celtic knot-worked hammer is set with a polished translucent, amber stone. 1 7/8" x 1 1/4" - 21" trace chain. AZ

Mani Knotwork PendantMani Knotwork Pendant $31.00US The Man in the Moon in Norse myth was Mani, who shone with the light of Not, Viking goddess of the Night.  For Beneficial Change and Inspiration through Dreams. Crafted in pewter, accented with gold and provided with a chain.  Approximate size: 1" x 1½" STAR

JBP338.JPG (20258 bytes)Bindrune (Thor's Hammer) $40.00US This beautiful piece of jewelry is crafted in the image of the famed Norse symbol of Thor`s Hammer. Made of English pewter and marvelously sculpted, it presents numerous patterns of Norse design with the front facing of the hammer even being etched in a series of runes, which together are collectively known as a Bindrune. These runes, paired in twos, come together to represent long-lasting joy and prosperity attained through life, courage and wisdom in finding opportunities, and the health, strength of will, and determination to succeed. Hanging approximately 1 3/4" long, this necklace comes on an 18 1/4" long, serpentine styled chain that closes with a clasp. AZ

JMVAP2.JPG (14678 bytes)Mjollnir Thors Pendant $29.00US This fantastic pendant is wonderfully sculpted of fine English Pewter to create a wonderful representation of Mjollnir, the famed hammer of Thor. Part of many of the Norse God`s famed exploits in fighting Giants and other beasts among Gods and Men, Mjollnir has also become a celebrated symbol of the Norse faiths and other Germanic Neopagan religions. Here we find it hanging 2" long, and marvelously decorated with many traditional Norse designs. This comes with a 21" chain that closes with a clasp. AZ

Nidhogg the Viking Pendant Nidhogg the Viking Pendant $23.95US Nidhogg the Viking serpent of immortality thrives in the dark underworld of Niflhelm. This pendant is reputed to bestow upon the wearer the ability to resolve difficulties and to Survive and Triumph through Troubled Times. Produced in lead-free polished pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and provided with a 20" chain.  Approximate size: 2" x 1¼" STAR

Spear of Odin Pendant Spear of Odin Pendant $25.00US Irminsul, a Cosmic Tree symbol, was Sacred to the Saxons of Ancient Europe. Equated with Yggdrasil, the World Tree of the Norse, the symbol once existed in Northern Germany but was destroyed by early Christians under orders of Charlemagne in 772 AD. The only surviving image of Irminsul was reportedly carved into the rock formations of the "externsteine," a huge natural rock formation long used as a Pagan Holy Site: often described as mainland Europe's "Stonehenge." On the trunk of this Cosmic Tree is the 'GAR' rune, seen only in the Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet. Gar is the last rune, and means 'Spear.' More accurately, it refers to "Gungnir," Odin's Magical Spear; a Dwarven Magical Weapon given to Odin by Loki. Gar was used as a magical word for bringing magic into being, such as the phrases 'ka!' and 'abracadabra.'  Magical Spear to those who defend and support nature's cause.

thor-hammer-298.jpg (16910 bytes)Sacred Thor's Necklace $20.00US A sacred symbol of Norse faith, Thor`s hammer is derived from the mystical hammer said to be wielded by the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Sculpted of pewter, this pendant appears somewhat as it has within celebrated, ancient portrayals of the God. More natural in creation, it appears as if it may have been hewn from wood, and studded with metal inlays. Hanging 1 3/4" in length from a 22" long pewter chain, it is the perfect piece to wear in pride of your faith or heritage. AZ

Thor-Hammer-296.jpg (16409 bytes)Wrapped Thor's Necklace $20.00US Born of the hammer wielded by the Norse god of thunder, the Thor`s hammer has become a symbol worn and celebrated as representing the Norse faith as a whole. In this pewter pendant, it has been sculpted so as to appear to be wrapped in leather cords, which twine around the hammer`s head and handle, lending to it an impression of primal potency and age. The pendant hangs 1 1/2" in length from a 22" long pewter chain, which closes a clasp. AZ

Thor-hammer-297.jpg (19821 bytes)Light Thor's Necklace $20.00US Descending from the hammer that the Norse god Thor was said to carry and wield in his exploits, the Hammer has become a symbol for those who celebrate all of the Norse gods, and practice the northern faith. Here, the intricate patterns of knot work crafted into Thor`s hammer have been worked into a pendant sculpted of pewter with a hollow backing, making it pleasantly light despite its size. AZ

FB15.jpg (48775 bytes)Eagershelm, Protection & Achievement $38.00US Also known by the Vikings as Aegishjalmur, this eightfold spindle symbolizes order and completion. Considered to be the greatest talisman for magickal power in the North is reputed to help its wearer to create order from chaos, successfully complete all tasks undertaken, and is considered to have protective powers. For Protection and Achievement. Approximate Size: 1⅝" x 1½". SL


VP9.jpg (72397 bytes)Web of Wyrd for Developing Potential $25.00US This open ribbonwork trefoil represents the Web of Wyrd woven by the three Norns, Norse goddesses of Fate. Vikings believed that each one could influence his future but all were subject to the cosmic destiny of Wyrd, spun by the Norns with the skein of life. For Developing Potential. Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: 1¼" in diameter. SL

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