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ST451.jpg (42183 bytes)Resin Thor Statue $85.00US Fully capturing this fierce aspect of, this cold cast resin bust presents the head and shoulders of Thor, with a single arm rising up to cross his chest, its hand gripping the fabled hammer Mjolnir. AZ

Throned-Odin.jpg (42096 bytes)Resin Odin Statue $120.00US Odin (also known as Wotan, and Woden), the All Father, the Wanderer, and the Chief of the Norse Gods, is shown here in regal pose upon the legendary throne Hlidskjalf. Hlidskjalf, an elevated place within his second hall, Valaskjalf, offered him the ability to view anything that might happen throughout the entirety of the world. It is only fitting then that he is shown sitting with one of his two ravens upon his shoulder, both of whom would fly around the Earth and report happenings of the world to Odin in his place of wisdom. As a symbol of authority, he also hefts his spear Gungnir, which was said to never miss its target, and as a symbol of his wild, albeit generous, nature sits one of his wolves by his feet - a favored pet to whom he gave all of his food, having no need for sustenance beyond Mead or Wine. The imagery comes together within a hand-painted statue portraying a figure of regal authority, perfectly suited as an object of reverence and respect for the altar.With magnificent attention to detail, this statue has been sculpted of cold cast resin and hand painted in a fashion that lends the appearance that the whole statue has been cast of bronze or copper. Weighing in at a hefty 9.5 lbs it certainly feels as though it were crafted of solid metal as well! Standing a stout 12 1/4" tall, 7" wide, and 7" deep, it is perfect for anyone who celebrates the gods of the Norse pantheon, with imagery that will be certain to elevate Odin, the All Father, to his proper position of respect and authority. AZ

SF852.jpg (28582 bytes)Resin Freya Statue $85.00US Standing 10 "tall and 4" in diameter, this enchanting cold-cast resin statue of Freya perfectly captures her varied and wild nature. As the Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, and fertility as well as war, death, magic and prophecy, she stands here in an alluring pose, running her fingers through her wavy hair with a winged Viking helm held beneath one arm as though it has just been removed. Cloaked, and girded for war with sword and dagger, and a shield leaning by her side, the pieces of her armor leave little to the imagination of those she gazes upon. Exquisitely detailed, no fold of fabric or armor`s buckle is left out in this delightful piece. AZ

SO280.JPG (15282 bytes)Odin Bust $60.00US The chief Norse god and ruler of Asgard, Odin is depicted here in this fantastic bust. Known as a patron of wisdom, war, poetry, magic and the hunt, he is displayed here as he is often portrayed; a one-eyed god of aged wisdom and valor. Head and shoulders are shown here, with his cloak swept back over the shoulders and concealing the plates of his armor. From beneath his horned helm, his beard and hair flow out, braided in the Norse fashion to rest upon his chest, but not concealing the firm set of his jaw and the stern line of his eyes, one of which is covered with a patch. All of this is displayed with fantastic detail, with wonderful attention paid to the ornamentation displayed upon his helm and patch. Great for the altar or home, this bust stands approximately 11 1/2" tall and 9" wide and is sculpted of cold-cast resin, providing a vivid presence for the Norse chief of Gods where ever you wish to put it. AZ

azSG295.JPG (14753 bytes)Full Size Green Greenman $75.00US The Greenman is the leafy figure seen peeking out from many an ancient structure throughout Europe, frequently sculpted into the design of buildings of state and even churches. With an old, wizened face that sprouts leafy foliage for hair, he has come to be revered as a deity of nature, and is sometimes associated with the horned god. Most often, he is viewed as a symbol of the powerful ability of nature to be born anew as it goes through its yearly cycle, with so many plants and animals seemingly reborn with time`s passing. This wall plaque seeks to capture that unbridled, wild power that he represents and comes as close as any still-life might. In life sized proportions the Greenman is displayed with wild eyes and wise features, with green leaves sprouting to form his hair, beard and mustache. In this portrayal he would seem almost a ferocious thing, though the kindness and wisdom can still be recognized within his features; a clear reminder of the untamed manner of all things born of nature. The plaque hangs approximately 17" long and 14" wide, providing for you the perfect ornament for your sacred space. AZ

azSTMW25.jpg (28045 bytes)Tree of Life Wallhanging $40.00US As a wonderful display of mystical symbolism, this wall plaque portrays the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life with its far reaching branches and deep roots is widely recognized as a symbol of the unity of Heaven and Earth, and the joining of those two realms. Here it is carved in wonderful detail from a solid frame of wood, and bordered in an elaborate, circular pattern of Celtic knot work. Further bringing the imagery to life, the tree and its borders are painted in antiqued, gold paint while the rest of the plaque is a matte black. It measures approximately 11 3/4" by 11 3/4" square and has a hole within its back to allow you to hang it in your sacred space and bring this sacred symbol into your ritual craft and ceremony. AZ

SL452.jpg (39896 bytes)Loki Statue $80.00US This bust presents Loki the Trickster as a stern and ominous figure, with a skull-shaped helm and a chaos-wheel broach representing the discord he sews. AZ

azSG009.JPG (13271 bytes)Greenman Green Wall Hanging $35.00US This fantastic wall plaque presents the timeless image of the fabled Greenman. With leafy foliage composing the hair that sprouts from his face and head, his wizened face is contorted into an image of jovial laughter, presenting an image of happiness and merriment forever intertwined with nature. Made of cold cast resin, this plaque is approximately 8 1/2" long and 9" wide and painted so as to appear to be aged bronze or copper. Such a lovely piece as this is perfect for decorating your home, altar, office or garden. AZ

SV279.JPG (20742 bytes)Valkyrie Bust $60.00US Choosing who will die in battle, the Valkyrie were the beautiful warrior maidens of Norse mythology, who chose brave souls to rise up into the halls of Valhalla to live among the rest of the noble slain as Einherjar. There they lived and hunted, hardening themselves for the last battle of Ragnorok where many might again die by the side of Odin and many of the other Norse gods and goddesses. For this, the Valkyrie reward them, tending to their wounds and serving them mead.
Here, you will find the striking features of such a Valkyrie displayed, head and shoulders in a bust straight out of Norse myth. The very picture of feminine beauty, she possesses delicate features concealed by her armor, with long braids spilling from the open face of her winged helmet. Don`t let this deceive you though. There is a hard set to her eyes, and the set of her jaw, showing that she is a woman who has seen battle. Made of cold cast resin, this bust is polished and honed so as to appear to be crafted of bronze, with no attention to detail spared. It measures approximately 11" in height and 7 1/4" wide, allowing it to fit on most altars, desks and shelves. AZ

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