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Children and Childbirth goddesses

Name                         Origin                Authority

Adamanthea               Greek goddess          Midwife
Adeona                   Roman goddess          Children's trips home from school
Akhushtal                Mayan goddess          Childbirth
Angus                    Celtic god             Youth
Antevorta                Roman goddess          Childbirth
Artemis                  Greek goddess          Childbirth
Asintmah                 Athabascan goddess     Midwife
Bes                      Egyptian god           Childbirth
Bhavani                  Indian goddess         Midwife
Biddy Mannion            Irish goddess          Midwife
Bubastis                 Egyptian goddess       Childbirth
Candelifera              Roman goddess          Childbirth/Midwife
Carmenta                 Roman goddess          Childbirth/Midwife
Carmentis                Roman goddess          Childbirth
Chalchiuhtlicue          Aztec goddess          Youth
Chang Hsien              Chinese god            Pregnancy
Cuba                     Roman goddess          Children's sleep/Infants
Cunina                   Roman goddess          Infants who are in the cradle
Cynosura                 Greek goddess          Midwife
Dekla                    Latvian goddess        Midwife
Diana                    Greek/Roman goddess    Childbirth
Edusa                    Roman goddess          Infants who are weaning
Egeria                   Roman goddess          Childbirth/Midwife
Eleithyia                Greek goddess          Childbirth/Midwife
Ermutu                   Egyptian goddess       Childbirth/Midwife
Flora                    Roman goddess          Youth
Freya                    Germanic goddess       Youth
Ganymede                 Greek goddess          Youth
Hathor                   Egyptian goddess       Childbirth/Infants
Haumea                   Hawaiian goddess       Childbirth/Midwife
Hebe                     Greek goddess          Youth
Hekt                     Egyptian goddess       Midwife
Hera                     Greek goddess          Childbirth
Intercidona              Roman goddess          Midwife
Ishtar                   Babylonian goddess     Childbirth
Isis                     Egyptian goddess       Childbirth
Ix Chel                  Mayan goddess          Childbirth
Juno                     Roman goddess          Childbirth
Juventas                 Roman goddess          Youth
Kapo                     Hawaiian goddess       Childbirth/Midwife
Kwan Yin                 Chinese goddess        Childbirth
Laima                    Lithuanian goddess     Childbirth
Luaths Lurgann           Irish goddess          Midwife
Lucina                   Roman goddess          Childbirth
Luperca                  Roman goddess          Pregnancy
Mabb                     Welsh goddess          Midwife
Maia                     Greek/Roman goddess    Midwife
Mami                     Sumerian goddess       Midwife
Mang Chin-i              Chinese goddess        Womb
Meshkent                 Egyptian goddess       Childbirth
Meskhoni                 Egyptian goddess       Birth/Midwife
Nascio                   Roman goddess          Childbirth
Nintur                   Babylonian goddess     Womb
Numeria                  Roman goddess          Childbirth
Partula                  Roman goddess          Childbirth
Pi-Hsia Yuan-Chin        Chinese goddess        Birth/Midwife
Postvorta                Roman goddess          Childbirth/Midwife
Potina                   Roman goddess          Children's beverages
Pukkeenegak              Eskimo goddess         Childbirth.
Purandhi                 Indian goddess         Childbirth
Renenet                  Egyptian goddess       Children
Rhea                     Greek goddess          Childbirth
Rumina                   Roman goddess          Infants
Sar-Akka                 Swedish goddess        Midwife
Semargl                  Slavic god             Family
Shashti                  Hindu goddess          Children/Childbirth
Tauret                   Egyptian goddess       Pregnancy/Childbirth
Uks-Akka                 Swedish goddess        Midwife
Umaj                     Yakut goddess          Midwife
Uni                      Etruscan goddess       Midwife
Verplaca                 Roman goddess          Family harmony
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