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Gods and Goddesses

gods and goddesses were worshiped and revered by societies and religions of old.  There are still religions that worship the gods and goddesses in their path to seek the wisdom of the earth.  Click on a link below to view these gods and goddesses.


Egyptian Greek Hindu Irish, Scottish & Welsh Norse Roman Children Childbirth goddesses

At the world's beginning
there was a mother
All beginnings partake
of that mother's energy.
To know this world,
first know the mother.
Then, go forth and learn
to know the world.
Then go back to her.  Go back
and hold fast to her.
Hold fast to the mother, and
you will never be in danger.

----Chinese Tao te Ching

Brigid, gold-red woman,
Brigid, flame and honeycomb,
Brigid, sun of womanhood,
Brigid, lead me home.
Your are a branch in blossom.
You are a sheltering dome.
You are my bright precious freedom.
Brigid, lead me home.

----Irish Prayer to the Goddess

In fall Freya left us
traveling southward.
Now she returns again,
bringing such soft words.
Out of her golden hair
spring flowers fall
tumbling like melodies,
sounding the call.
Chaste through the winter
women now pine,
wanting their lovers home
sharing the wine.

----Scandinavian folk song

Hey, She has a light step, don't she?
Hey! She has some fine clothes!
Hey! She dances down richness!
Look at those bracelets shake!
Her bracelets like water!
Water, like the bracelets of Oshun.
Dance when she shake those
dance and Oshun.  She can do
what the doctor can't.  She can heal
with just cold water.  Call Oshun.
All her answers are wise ones.
Call Oshun.  She always say:
Live, my children, live without fear.

----African chant

Night comes up with her many eyes,
looking for a spot to rest,
filling the sky with beauty, filling the
water with her darkness.
Oh Night, immortal goddess, look
with favor on us here,
we who occupy these lands where
you have walked.
We are walking toward our homes,
like all that walks and flies,
all who seek their nests and hiding
places as the night comes on.
Keep the wolf and fox away
tonight, keep thieves from us,
oh let this night pass easily and safely
for us here.

----Indian Vedic hymn

Hail, lovely sun!
Praise you for rising!
Praise you for dawning! Yesterday
we shivered in darkness while you
were trapped in the mountains.
Now you rise light as a silver bird.
Always rise like this, goddess,
always come back to us like this,
bringing us health and safety,
bringing the game to our arrows,
the fish to our fishhooks.  Journey
now in peace, go around the earth
in safety, travel in joy, oh goddess!

----From the Finnish Kalevala

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