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Birthstone Info

You have arrived at our Archive Site.  We have recently remodeled and if you click the Home button you will be transported to our new word press site.  If you are on a product page, all the BUY NOW buttons have been updated to go directly to the new word press product page. Please update your bookmarks to https://www.celticattic.comHoroscope Dates:

Aquarius 1/20 - 2/18
Pisces 2/19 - 3/20
Aries 3/20 - 4/19
Taurus 4/20 - 5/20
Gemini 5/21 - 6/21
Cancer 6/22 - 7/22
Leo 7/23 - 8/22
Virgo 8/23 - 9/22
Libra 9/23 - 10/23
Scorpio 10/24 - 11/21
Sagittarius 11/22 - 12/21
Capricorn 12/22 - 1/19
Birthstone Month Flowers
Garnet Jan Carnation, Snowdrop
Amethyst Feb Violet, Primrose
Bloodstone, Aquamarine Mar Jonquil, Daffodil
Diamond Apr Sweet Pea, Daisy
Emerald May Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn
Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite Jun Rose, Honeysuckle
Ruby Jul Larkspur, Water Lily
Peridot, Sardonyx Aug Poppy, Gladiolus
Sapphire Sep Aster, Morning Glory
Opal, Tourmaline Oct Calendula, Cosmos
Topaz Nov Chrysanthemum
Turquoise Dec Narcissus, Holly
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