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Decorate your Life and Home with a Celtic Twist!

Celtic Attic  LLC also proudly owns and operates A Celtic Callings & Viking Attic

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Wood Crafts

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FB335L.jpg (11686 bytes)Celtic Knot Box $40.00US Decorated with a complex pattern of Celtic knots, this wooden box is a wonderful place to store your ritual tools, crystals, jewelry, or herbal mixtures. 4" x 10" AZ

BOX18.jpg (33324 bytes)Celtic Cross Box $25.00US This is a lovely, dark polished wooden box with a carved pattern of a Celtic Cross. Size is 4 inches by 6 inches. RV

FBMWA2.jpg (26620 bytes)Triquetra 2 Drawer Treasure Box $52.00US Grace kitchen, or night stand with this wonderful wooden cupboard. Put together in a design that leaves its top narrower than its base, the cupboard features three sliding drawers sized to contain your favorite jewelry, gifts, and herbs. Opening with a simple pull ring, they provide a convenient way to clear up clutter and still keep your treasures close at hand..The whole thing measures approximately 11 3/4" in height and 5 1/2" deep, with a base that is approximately 8" wide and a narrower, 5" top. AZ

celtic_cross_treasure.jpg (31358 bytes)Celtic Cross Treasure Box $55.50US With its large central chamber above and subtle drawer set below, this treasure chest is a lot more jewelry box than anything else, but we hate to limit its possibilities! From personal ritual items to family photographs and memories, this box is ideal for keeping your keepsakes safe. Measuring 10" x 6" x 6 1/4", set with stamped metal corner brackets and carved with a Celtic Cross and knotwork designs, this dome-lidded treasure chest is a beautiful addition to your home, no matter what you choose to use it for! AZ

FB46T.JPG (12522 bytes)Triquetra Box $22.00US Silver-plated Triquetra symbol inlaid in black stained Shesham wood 4x6 inches. AZ

FB47T.JPG (19888 bytes)Triquetra Bone Box $10.00US This miniature chest has been elegantly crafted of bone and accented with brass filigree, all of which highlights the brass Triquetra marking its lid. az

FB654.jpg (95954 bytes)Steampunk Wooden Box $25.00US Hand painted, cold cast resin Steampunk Inspired gear box. Store your prized treasures and gadgets in the Steampunk Colonel J Fizziwigs Trinket/Gear Box. The box is garnished with gears, giving it a rustic Steampunk look. 5" x 4" AZ


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