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[Musical Instruments]

UCALJOU.JPG (21205 bytes)CD Calya Journey-Wise $25.95US At the smallest level, we are all quantum VIBRATIONS. Different parts of our bodies resonate and respond to various frequencies. These are called Chakras or Realms and they create our Aura.. Colors, tones, foods, herbs, essential oils, crystals and even our thoughts are all VIBRATIONS which we can use to help cleanse, balance, and enhance our Auric Realms. az

UMAGMYS.jpg (46358 bytes) $18.00US Kokila's latest album is filled with the music of mystical inner worlds. Find yourself inside a ancient Celtic temple with Merlin teaching the high magic, or deep in a forest listening to enchanting melodies. AZ

UDEEWIT.JPG (45288 bytes)CD Deep Within a Faerie Forest by Stadler/ Rule $16.00US Rediscover the magic - Become filled with exquisite beauty as you journey into a mystical land of dreams. This new collaboration from Gary Stadler (Fairy HeartMagic) and Australian vocalist Wendy Rule leads you through landscapes of forest, deep into the enchanted heart of nature. Those who are familiar with Gary's previous albums will recognize the soulful beauty of his piano based soundscapes. Add to that the magical voice and gentle guitar of Australian singer/songwriter Wendy Rule and the lovely harp of Lisa Lynne, and the result is breathtaking as images of the ancient Celtic Faerie realm come alive once more. AZ

UBENTRA.JPG (15050 bytes)CD Bending Tradition by Emerald Rose $15.95US Emerald Rose is an energetic, North Georgia Pagan Celtic band who play both traditional tunes & original songs derived from the Celtic tradition. The songs are high-energy, spirited, & often "eclectic" -- but always sung & played with heart. Their new CD rocks with the best of them.It is the bandís desire to help keep the Celtic musical heritage alive and carry it on into the future. With music like this, the longevity of Celtic music is assured! az

UCELCOS.JPG (41594 bytes)CD Celtic Cosmos by Jerry Marchand $16.00US With his usual mastery of the Celtic Harp, this music is extremely gentle & soothing. Ethereal & melodic arrangements will ease away any stress you feel, & bring a calming close to the end of a hectic day. Selections include Celtic Cosmos, Tale of a Comet, Solar Winds, Earthrise, Rings of Saturn, Dark Isle. approx running time over 70 min. az

UCELCRE.JPG (29368 bytes)CD Celtic Crescent by Emerald Rose $16.00US Multiple songs : Loch Lomond Worlds Wedding Green Hills of Garland Wild Mountain Thyme Scatter the Mud Star Of The county Down Maggie Lauder Unfinished Business to name just a few. Approx play time 1 hour  AZ

UHOOMAN.JPG (23337 bytes)CD $16.00US Inspired by tales of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Celtic harpist Marchand presents fourteen soft and gentle instrumentals which describe "The Blessing of Sherwood Forest" and other scenes from Nottingham in days of old. Featuring 25-, 36- and 38-string harps accompanied by violin, acoustic guitar, flute and keyboards, the music flows effortlessly and gives rise to reveries of sun dappled, verdant clearings where clandestine lovers meet and dance in homage to the Green Man. az

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