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HPXP.jpg (54650 bytes)Pixie Harp - Non Standing $330.00US Pixie Harp TM, 31", 19 nylon strings, rosewood. 31 inches and 19 strings. This style without a foot is held in the lap or rested against the shins while seated. This style, without feet, is reminiscent of the original medieval Celtic harps. With 2 octaves, the Pixie is the perfect size for young students. Please allow 2 weeks shipping time.

hpby.jpg (48169 bytes)Baby Harp  $145.00US Baby Harp TM, 21", 12 nylon strings, rosewood. The Baby harp is our smallest functional harp. Although, only 21 inches in size, this harp is designed to be played. There are 12 strings and 1 octaves. It is perfect for a child, but the more accomplished harpist will enjoy this small prize. Please allow 2 weeks shipping time.

hrb19.jpg (44171 bytes)Fiona Harp $445.00USThis Harp is approximately 32" high. Featuring 19 DuPont hard nylon strings, with full 19 Cam Levers. Strings are color coded Red for C and Blue for F. The range is from F3 to C6. It has a beautiful satin finish on the rosewood frame. The solid Spanish spruce soundboard is unfinished for a bright voice. The knee and pillar are positioned off center to maintain the vertical alignment of the strings. Extra strings and tuning tool included. Please allow 2 weeks shipping time.

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