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Wind Chimes

 We have some great Wind Chimes available.

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FW508.jpg (14090 bytes)Triquetra Beaded Wind Chime $10.00US Sculpted of Brass, this Triquetra shaped wind chime is an absolute delight with the way it catches the light and rings musically with every breeze. Dangling from a slender chain, it features a wide celtic Triquetra as its body to catch the wind, with three more chains dangling from its lower portion in support of three small brass bells. Each of these chains is accented with lovely, translucent green gems that catch sunlight in a manner perfectly complimentary to the brass`s reflective surface. The whole piece measures approximately 12" in length and 3" wide. AZ


FW431.JPG (16281 bytes)Triple Triquetra Wind Chime $25.00US Dangling upon a beaded chain, this musical chime displays three graceful triquetras that sway with the slightest breeze to set its small chiming bells to ringing. AZ

FW024.jpg (11676 bytes)Triquetra Wind Chime $10.00US This simple wind chime has been crafted of wrought iron to create the image of a triquetra, with two copper bells dangling from its bottom points. AZ

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