Celtic Attic

Welcome to the Celtic Attic

Celtic Attic began as a small jewelry business in 1999.  We opened our first store in Ventura, CA in 2000 and it has been one adventure after another since our inception.  We travel the world buying great Celtic & Viking products.  We offer authentic Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Viking and Seaside gifts, jewelry and home décor.  We import some of our products from the Celtic and Viking lands or United States artists. We also design, create and sell our own products line of jewelry, wind chimes, car chimes, artwork & key chains.

Stop by our Retail store, shop our online store or visit us at our various local shows and events for all your gift giving needs.  Decorate your life and home with a Celtic or Viking twist! We are pleased and honored to share our products and stories with you.

I have been a writer for years and  I will be releasing several new books and redesigning our cookbook and kids books.  I have also released my affirmation cards with my writing and my artwork.  My new celtic fairy cookbook should be available soon.

Celtic Attic Store is open for your shopping pleasure. Stop by the Freighthouse Square Historic shopping center 430 E 25th St Suite 40, Tacoma, WA 98421 to purchase our products.

Celtic Sweet Crestions – We create Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, Truffles, Scottish Shortbread, Irish Soda Bread, Custom created Teas and a wide variety of treats.  All are created from our family recipes which can be found in the Celtic Attic Cookbook. You can email or text us your order or order on celtic attic soon.

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