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Celtic Knotwork and Meaning

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The Celts who first drew knotwork patterns most likely had no meaning attached to their knotwork.  Many people eMail and ask for the meanings behind the different knots and Jewellery.  I have come across some common MODERN meanings which I have listed below.  Keep in mind that there were 8 BASIC KNOTS used by the Celts and their meaning, if any, will remain a mystery!

The Eternity Celtic knot symbolizes the never-ending eternal circle of life.

eternity knot

The Shield Celtic knot is a symbol for protection. The ancient Celts used it to decorate the shields of warriors, the clothing of children, and to protect the sick.

shield knot

The Triquetra Knot is called the Trinity Knot.  Used by the Christians as the symbol for the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  This is not completely accurate because the first to use this symbol in reference to the Trinity were the Catholics of Ireland.

Triquetra knot

triquetra knot

The Celtic Cross.  The symbol of faith for all Celts

celtic cross

Brigit's cross - These irish crosses are made with wheat weavings all over the irish countryside.

brigits cross

Fionn was a legendary Irish hero and warrior who possessed courage, strength and wisdom. This celtic knot is associated with some articles that are reputed to have belonged to him.

fionn knot

The claddagh is a traditional celtic symbol, the hands are for friendship, the heart is for love and the crown is for loyalty.

The Irish Shamrock is the traditional symbol of the Trinity.

8 hearts bound by a Celtic circle - a female symbol - interweaving among them. If you look closely you might find the rune of love "X" hidden within the design. The Celtic Love Knot can enliven relationships, heighten passions and attract true love.   love knot
The Triscele was a sacred symbol to the Celtic People. It represents the eternal rhythm of life that we are all a part of. This ancient symbol adorned their most sacred places representing the trinity of life, most significantly, it represents the Goddess in all her forms ~ Maiden, Mother & Crone. triscele
Inspired by the intricate Knotwork of Celtic design, this amulet represents the intertwining of the ancient Celtic people. Wear it as a symbol of the peace within oneself, in one's relationships and with others. peace knot

The Sailor's knot is known as the lover's knot, in part, because it is actually two separate knots intertwined. Celtic sailors often used this knot in their artwork intended for their sweethearts.  

eternity knot


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