Failte Arch Stained Glass


Celtic Attic created this cool artwork mug.  Slainte Knot work Art. Created with knot work inside a bubble and superimposed over more celtic knot work. Slainte roughly translated means “cheers”.


Failte Arch Stained Glass. This arch panel is made of elegantly designed stained glass, a highly durable material that is handmade, giving the plaque a timeless appearance and making it complete your home decoration for ages.

The window hanging features the famous Irish greeting with the “Failte” inscription and vivid shamrocks which were used by St. Patrick centuries ago to preach the essence of the Holy Trinity.

The plaque measures 6.29 inches and comes in a gift box, being the perfect gift to offer to your friends or family on a special occasion, such as a birthday party, Christmas, or St. Patrick’s Day. This hanging panel comes with hooks for hanging.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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