Our History

Our History:  A little about us.

  • August 2019 Celtic attic has been proudly creating, importing and selling Celtic gifts and jewelry for 20 years. We are so honored to be a part of sharing our Celtic and viking heritage with all our customers, family & friends. Now it is our turn to give back. We have introduced 3 new product lines made by the Celtic Attic family. Each line donates a 5% portion of proceeds to charity. Just our way of saying Thank You for sharing our journey these past years.The Collections are:

    Celtic Angel Wings in honor of my mother, Shirley Olsen who was my best friend and my inspiration to live my Magical Life. We have all heard the saying when bells ring another angel gets her wings. This product line is dedicated to my dear mum. She left this earth many years ago and watches over us each and every day. I created the chimes lines to honor her memory as she was truly my best friend and my angel. She gave the darkness light and made the light sparkle. Each time your chime touches the air listen closely as it may be a dear one wishing you grace or sending love to this place.  In honor of her life and memory 5% of all sales will go to the Alzheimer’s foundation.

    Celtic Seaside Escape Jewelry because I am drawn to the ocean and all sea creatures and just love the fusion of Celtic and Sea Life It is calming and so simply basic. We have a variety of Jewelry and each piece has a story of inspiration. I have noted the path to create these pieces for you to read and hopefully enjoy.  5% of proceeds from this line will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

    CeltaPhysical Art is dedicated to my grandchildren for blessing my life and showing me things through those innocent eyes that we seem to close to world as we grow up. In particular this line is inspired by my eldest grandson, Sammy who at this writing is 4 years old. He had a tough beginning and still struggles but makes progress each day. I began taking photographs and turning them into my version of Art. 5% of proceeds from this line will be donated to the American with Disabilities Organization.

  • July 2018 New Art Prints and cards are now available on the website.  We are introducing more new product lines summer 2019.  Celtic Attic has been through a lot the last 19 years and is proud of all we have shared with our customers and friends.  We are truly honored to have some great customer friends and we have learned so much over the years and love hearing all your stories.  So many times customers call and then after 15 minutes of talking about the Ireland Coast or the Scottish Castles we have mutually visited, they apologize for taking so much of our time.  It is our pleasure to sell our products to you but it is equally our pleasure to hear your stories, that is our connection to our heritage and we would have it no other way.  So keep the calls and stories coming please!
  • January 2018 Yet another year in the life of Celtic Attic.  Year 18, I cannot believe it.  Well we have had a lot of transitions since I began this company in late 1999.  Some good, some challenging but we also land on our Celtic Toes.  This year, we have officially moved to Tacoma WA as of Sept 2017.  In December I closed out our store space inside the Unique Local Bazaar in the Kitsap Mall.  6 years of having a store front and this will be the first year in most of our existence we don’t have a store front.  I have re-designed the website and streamlined it.  I have re-thought the product line and we have a lot more handcrafted items as well as some Art that I began working on.  We are doing at least  1 or 2 shows per month.  See our Shows and Events schedule for more details on where we will be.  We have a full stockroom and are happy to meet you to show you our gifts and jewelry or wedding items.  We are hoping to launch a new store but I am just not sure what it looks like yet, but will keep you posted.  Slainte!
  • January 2017  Well it has been a busy year.  last year I unexpectedly got my 9 month old grandson and his dad move back home and things have been a bit Topsy turvy this year.  We are again in the Unique Local Bazaar in the Kitsap mall for your shopping pleasure.  We have a large space in the back through St. Patrick’s day and then we are going to downsize.  Some come shop and save, in the store or Online you will find everything you need for your Celtic home and life.
  • January 2016  We are working on a brand new website, shopping cart and social media presence.  We will have a blog, online shopping cart that is much easier to use, NEW PRODUCTS and best of all Coaching Classes and Exploration of Ireland and the Celtic Nations classes available.  Join us for an exciting new year.
  • January 2014 we are looking forward to a great year this year and really hope you will shop with us, read our newsletter and as always follow your Irish Bliss!
  • January 2013 Happy Winter! This has been a very busy month with our New Product Additions for the New Year and our Annual Celtic Attic Sales and Clearance Specials. You can find more details below. January has been rather cold here in the Pacific North West, but not much rain, so that is awesome! I just want to once again personally thank each and every one of our customers for ordering from us and sending us emails, requests and just being a part of our crazy world. On that note, I wanted to put a little personal info in this year opening newsletter like I have done for each of the past 11 years.  I cannot believe we are going into our 12th year of business. Two of my boys have stepped up and are running the businesses with me now. To back track a wee bit. About 6 years ago I went through a very bad divorce, yeah I know show me one that is good… My youngest son became ill the following year and we struggled the last 4 years with his illness and other health issues. During this time, I took on a full time job to help pay medical bills and keep us afloat. As we all know the economy has not been the best for a lot of companies the last 4 years, ours included.  I have worked a lot of hours these last few years.  I have seen the business suffer some loss, about 20 vendors that we have known for years went out of business and then there was my son’s fluctuating health. My granny used to say, “don’t sweat the small stuff and honey it’s all small stuff”.  My dear mum who will be gone 10 years this month told me to just keep trudging along, but make sure to have some fun along the way… I have listened to both and have sat down with my sons and we have decided to make some serious changes to the business.  I have also decided to work pt instead of full time so I can devote more time to what I love, my family and my Celtic roots.  Over the next 6 months you will see a facelift for the website that seems to be stuck in the 1990’s, a brand new shopping cart, a much needed affiliate program and new product lines. We are having a huge clearance event to get rid of anything we are not selling in the future.  We will also be doing local shows and events and will have our various product lines setup in antique malls.  We are going to attempt to secure a place in Pike’s Place Market in 2014 or open a small store in Seattle area.   We will be adding a section to the website so you know when and where we will be so you can shop with us in person, not just online! We will also be launching a Celtic Attic home party business opportunity.   We are starting it locally, but will make it available via the Internet in July. If you are interested in either the Affiliate program so you can re-sell our goodies via your website or our Home Party opportunity, you can always email me and I will add you to the contact list. Thank you again for shopping with us, we feel that all our customers are part of our extended family. So on that note, shop till you drop.            When you order anything on the sales pages, we are offering you $5.00 off your entire order.  We need to get rid of all those goodies so we can make room for all the new items we have added to the product lines. If you don’t see anything on the sales pages, worry not; you will get ½ off on your shipping instead.  No you can’t have both, I know, I know…. But you will get a free gift and candy bag with each and every order.  So read the Newsletter and then have fun shopping at the Celtic Attic. Peace and Light Kristin
  • June 2012 This has to have been our hardest year ever.  My youngest son was very sick the last two years and well into 2011.  I am writing this in June of 2012 because it has taken me this long to get a handle on things with him.  Transition from our move from executive suites to no office or store front and just a small space to operate out of.  The economy, my son’s medical issues and just life and past times catching up, we have certainly been on the bottom side of the world for the last couple of years.  This January I decided to take a look at our business and our personal lives and we have decided as a business to make some major changes and as a family we have grown and made changes and the outlook is very positive in all regards.  We lost a house we were living in due the owner not paying their mortgage on time and we are now in a great living space.  My youngest son is doing much better, he is getting ready to start college this summer, he will finish high school as he goes.  My middle son will graduate from the University of WA next year and gets married in Sept 2013.  My eldest has taken the reigns of the warehouse and ordering and techy side full time.  I am concentrating on streamlining our products, getting new artists on board and am writing a new book as well as launching a new product line of inspirational art pieces in Sept 2012.  We have opened the Celtic Attic Foundation to help Women and others that have been the victims of any type of spousal abuse as our family suffered from this and has survived and become a stronger force in this world we have decided to reach out and help others.  We are starting slowly with a few resources, then some self help booklets you can download for free, we will eventually have classes via email and hope to open people’s eyes to the fact that abuse comes in many forms, but all are damaging and you can survive.  I am writing a book on the subject and hope to release it in mid 2013.  Stay tuned for more adventures with the Celtic Attic LLC.
  • January 2010 2009 was certainly a difficult year for most businesses and families.  The Economy and the Media as well as everyone you seemed to talk to was worried about one thing or another.   Lots of people lost their homes and loved ones in natural disasters.  This is the first year after starting Celtic Attic LLC that I can remember thinking to myself, if I get through this year, I might consider selling and trying something new.  As I spoke with customers, I learned they were so glad I am still around because it gives them a sense of stability in their shopping, that I now know I will be working with Celtic Attic LLC in some fashion or another forever.  I love it and love sharing.  Thank you to all our customers that shopped with us even though they were watching their wallets and wondering like the rest of us.  Thank you also to everyone that personally was with us through all the problems with my youngest son.  He had a hard year, but is now doing so much better.  We moved after my middle son graduated from High School because although it was nice to have our little rural store and house, it was too rural for me without help.  So in June we put the house up for sale.  In Sept we rented it out and moved to Bremerton WA.  We are temporary executive suites which are great, but not where we want to be permanently.  They are nice because I have access to an entire suite to host sales and Celtic Attic LLC parties.  We are also going to start doing more traveling and shows and Highland games next year.  So check out the Contact Us pages for our upcoming show schedules.  Thanks again for all your support. Peace and Light.
  • May 2008  A very wonderful belated New Year and Thank you to all our wonderful customers and friends that keep visiting us year after year.  We love your stories, pictures and questions… 2007 was a fantastic year and 2008 looks to be even better, which means I am busier than ever.  Thus the belated addition the beginnings tale pages… We are working on opening the Celtic Attic Tea Stop out here at the end of nowhere… We will be offering Celtic snacks and treats, Irish teas and Irish coffees and smoothies… It will be worth the drive to stop for a beverage, some awesome chocolate, sit and listen to Irish tunes and browse our catalog or use the Internet Cafe to visit the Celtic Attic LLC and place an order.  Call us if you want to know our Grand Opening date!    Also, we will be starting a Spiritual and Artist Tour of Ireland program beginning May 2009.  We will send some more details out in our newsletter later this year and also it will be listed on the website after the Summer season.  Blessings to all of you and your families.  If you ever need anything, you know you have friends here at the Celtic Attic LLC and all you have to do is ask…
  • May 2007 Another update from the Celtic Attic LLC.  Thanks to everyone for your concern, compliments and assistance over this last year of transition.  We finally have it mostly figured out.  Life is wonderful and I encourage you all to stop for just a moment each day and give thanks for the blessings in your world.  It is amazing to watch and learn.  I am now writing a Celtic Article for a National Magazine – Mystic Pop.  It comes out every other month.  I have also released 3 poetry books, 1 very funky Celtic Cookbook and 2 children’s books.  I am working an Internet Business book that will go to print in Sept 2008 (hopefully).  More on this one later, but just wanted to let all my wonderful customers and friends know that life is truly grand.  Drop me an eMail if you want to say hi or chit chat.  Peace!
  • 2006 Just a quick update to let all our shoppers/friends/customers know that we are undergoing a major company restructuring this year.  My partner/husband and I have decided to go our separate ways both in the business arena and in our personal lives as well.  After 10 years, a new path has begun for me and for the business.  As my partner was basically a silent partner and no dealings with the day to day operations of Celtic Attic LLC, nothing will change on the customer side.  We will be updating our shopping cart software and the owner name change will take effect shortly, but everything you know and love about Celtic Attic  LLC will stay the same.  We are looking on this as new adventure. I would also like to announce the employment of my eldest son Josh as a customer service associate.  Thanks and we look forward to serving you for at least another 100 years!
  • 2005 We want to thank you each for your patronage over the last year.  You have helped make Celtic Attic LLC twice as successful as last year!  We have had a tremendous year and a Fantastic Holiday Season.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  May all your wishes come true this Holiday Season and for the New Year!  With your help we were also able to donate quite a tidy sum to the Katrina Hurricane Victims, Homeless shelters, Food Co-ops, Local and National Charities, Military personnel serving in Iraq, Several Local Military families, 3 children chosen at random received everything on their Christmas Wish List and last but, not least 2 Celtic Attic shoppers received gift baskets for the Holiday Season. It feels good to be able to give back. Maybe you don’t have money to donate right now but you can donate clothes or if you have a car that isn’t running think about a car donation. Thanks again, you are all awesome and we send hugs and kisses for a Grand New Year!
  • Just a quick note this lovely, rainy May day 2005 in WA… I am working on a couple of books that family, friends and many clients have been telling me for years I should write.  The first to be released with be a Family Cookbook with our old recipes from both my Great-Grandma, Granny, Mum, and some Norwegian recipes from my dear Dad’s side. I have also found some old notes in the old family cookbook with a lot of Irish dishes that my Grandfather apparently loved.  He didn’t know growing up he was of Irish descent, yet that is where his tastes always were.  Irish Food and the song “Oh Danny Boy” are fond memories in my minds eye.  The book should be released by July 1st and will be available for sale on the website and then on Amazon…  The next book will be a Poetry anthology.  I am working on a Genealogical Journey tale of finding my dad and a tribute to the women in my history.  This book is due to be released sometime in Spring 2010.  Have a wonderful Spring!
  • 2004 – We are starting out the new year with a Winter Wonderland of White in NW Washington State.  We had our first school Snow Day on Friday Jan. 7th… Kids loved it!  I just wanted to say Thanks and Many Blessings for the New Year to all those that are regular Customers at the Celtic Attic and to all our New Friends.  We had a tremendous year and grew by more than 30% this year.  As always, we try to give back a few of the blessings we receive…We will continue to have our Free Giveaways each month and give donations to Charities that request our assistance.  Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families of the recent Tsunami disaster.  We hope that 2005 brings a brighter future with Peace and Love for all the planet.  On a personal note – I am happy to say that my husband is cancer free and I am slowly recovering from the loss of both my mum and dad in 2003… Happy memories are replacing the sadness.  For all of you out there that are adopted or your looking for a parent of sibling or other family member – DO NOT EVER GIVE UP!  Ultimately the search is worth the time, trouble, money, pain and joy.  Whatever the outcome of your search, you tried and that is in itself worth the search.
  • 2003 – Just a quick note to wish everyone a most joyous and Happy Christmas!  This has been such a wonderful year for the Celtic Attic and its staff.  We have been blessed with a lot of business and truly wonderful customers.  As most of you know my Mum passed on in January of this year.  I am very sad to announce that my dear Dad just passed on December 3rd. Both will be missed terribly by us, but will remain in our hearts and minds forever.  As we move into the year 2004 we hope to have some happy times on the home front!  The most Heartfelt Irish Blessings to all who enter the Celtic Attic in 2004 and beyond!
  • 2003 – We have just passed into our 3rd year as a Celtic Business.  It has been a remarkable journey.  We have expanded leaps and bounds and have quite a wonderful group of leprechauns and elves helping us here at the end of Nowhere, WA.  We also have a wonderful group of customers that just keep coming back again and again!  Thanks so much!  This month has also been very hard as my Mum, Shirley Olsen, passed away on the 23rd of January, very suddenly.  We are slowly recovering and working hard to remember her life and the lessons she left to us…
  • Update:  December 2002!  We have had the best Nov and Dec is shaping up to be the same.  We want to extend our Thanks, Appreciation and Blessings to all who have shopped, browsed, researched, explored and found answers and goodies at the Celtic Attic this year and all previous years.  We are entering our third year of business in January 2003 and we want to wish you all the best for the Holiday Season and the New Year.
  • 2002 – Oh, the Joys of the Holiday Seasons. It is the beginning of November.  We are working diligently to stock up for the Holiday rush of order… I think they have already begun – October was an exceptionally busy month for us!  We are working on expanding our warehouse and offices…. So much work.  We have added a lot of new product lines with a few more to come after the New Year!  So stay tuned.  As always, enjoy your shopping at the Celtic Attic!
  • Well, NOW, July 2002 – Celtic Attic is finally settled in.  We are out at the end of the world – 20 minutes to any road that is 20 minutes from the nearest town.  We love it.  It’s Green and Peaceful and Pristine!  We built a Warehouse and Kristin did not hesitate to fill it up.  Oh Yea, we SOLD the Computer and ISP business.  So Now, the family is all pitching in on the business.  We have relatives and friends that help out in the shipping department (Big building off the warehouse).  We have Telecommuters that work from their own homes Prepping our orders and helping with  filing and accounting functions and much more.
  • We have been compared to Nordstrom’s on many occasions recently for our business philosophy on how we treat our Customers.  Kristin, won’t sell something that she is not absolutely proud of.  “I want happy customers, I want repeat customers, I want my customers to call me by my first name and have a Smile part their lips when they think of Celtic Attic and the Pride of the Celts & the Vikings!  I love my heritage and I want to share it with all my visitors, whether they purchase something or not”.  Celtic Attic has tons of pages of Tips N Hints and History on the Celts so those just interested in Information can feel right at home at the Celtic Attic.
  • By the end of 2001, it was obvious to Kristin, her Family and most of her friends that Celtic Attic LLC was a hit.  It was also obvious after a short family vacation to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, that the family and business was destined to Move North!  So the house in CA was put on the market, sold in 4 days and for the next month until close of Escrow the family finished remodeling on the house, packed their belonging in 4 haul, and drove North!  They landed in Silverdale, WA (Kristin, Ex husband, 3 kids, Kristin’s Mom, 3 cats & 2 dogs), lived in a Hotel for a week.  They found their new Homestead and a little land at the end of that week near the cities of Port Townsend and Quilcene, WA.  So off they went and unpacked and got settled.
  • Throughout most of 2001, sales were tremendous over the Web.  The shop served as a Computer Repair Store in the back and the Celtic Shop up front.  In Mid 2002, The shop closed it’s doors because it was very obvious that the Website and the Festivals were the wave of the future for the Celtic Attic LLC.
  • 2000 –So, In July of 2000, shortly after that FIRST SALE,  Kristin went out on the web and contacted family in Norway, Ireland and Scotland and made a conscious effort to get Unique and Beautiful Jewellery, Artwork, Crafts and much more to add to the website.  Well, she went completely overboard and by the end of December 2000, we had over 600 products on the website.  We had a Small Shop in Port Hueneme, CA and were selling at Celtic Festivals, Irish Festivals and Highland Game.