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We have had so many people ask who we are and what we are all about, that we decided to tell our tale right here.  Celtic Attic  began as a Small 10 page website selling handmade Sea Shell Pendants and Celtic Sea Salts.  We opened our website January 2000.  We had our first sale in June 2000.  As a hobby for Computer Nerdette, Kristin, this was just that, a great diversion from the Computer and ISP Business she owned with her now ex-husband.  Long days of computer work, Website Development and down and dirty tech work, required a break and Celtic Attic was it. – Want to know more?  Please read our blog and our history pages.

Celtic Attic has moved to Tacoma, WA and we are still searching for a new home for our wee store.  We will be displaying our Art, Jewelry and Celtic Heritage at various shows and events which you can check out on our Shows & Events Page.

We will be looking for a new home but not right now.  Please contact us as we can meet you with product if you wish to see something in particular or we can let you know when our next show is.  Stay tuned to the website, we are putting about 300 products on clearance this summer to make room for new Art, Jewelry and Christmas goodies.

We have just launched our new website: I will be doing some life coaching and this website will be devoted to our Travel and Food Blogs and my writing. After 21 years, I am finally finding some time starting in Jan 2022 to write. I will be updating my two latest kids books, Ladybug and Vacuum Monster as well as the Celtic Attic Cookbook. I will also be launching the Celtic Haunted Highway! Please stay tuned.

We will be doing a few shows this year and I will list them at the end of Summer. You can always email or text us and we can meet up to show you products. If you want to have a home party, let us know and we would be happy to bring our products to you with some music and food to try!

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