Celtic Attic Launches New Art Line

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Celtaphysical Art

inspiration beyond the physical

I have quite the imagination. I am a professional photographer, writer and artist. I have taken my eye for Celtic and Scenery & utilizing oils, acrylics, water colors and/or crayon recreated my photos. I then scan in my art and/or original photos and put them into my digital mixer art program. I print all my art on my haunted, yes I said haunted, printer. This is how I create my original art. My printer is a part of my creative art process, it has been with me for years. It never prints two images the same, so each art piece you purchase is truly unique and original.

The Original Artwork is matted and framed & has the story behind the inspiration handwritten on the back. Each are signed and numbered. Original Prints are available as well. When you buy the art piece, you are buying the journey of not only the art but of the artist. Join me on my adventures.

All framed art starts as an old picture frame & I polish it up to match the vision I have created. Weird happenings inspire my creative process.

Art is the journey to creation, the essence of life.

Custom orders welcome

By Artist Kristin Olsen

All my art pieces can be purchased on the website.  If the original is listed, it will  have the story card and handwritten tale of the journey.  If you are purchasing a reproduction, rest assured, it will be completely unique and of course signed by me.