Norse gods and goddesses of mythology

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A list of possible gods and goddesses in mythology.  By no means a complete listing, but a start.  There is basic information on what the name is and what the god or goddess represented, most are norse and celtic in nature.

Aesir Race of warlike gods, including Odin, Thor, Tyr
Alcis Twin gods of the sky
Balder Son of Odin and favorite of the gods
Bor Father of Odin
Bragi God of poetry
Eir Goddess of medicine
Fafnir Dragon god
Fjorgynn Mother of Thor
Freya Goddess of love and fertility
Frey God of fertility, sun, and rain
Frigg Goddess of married love; wife of Odin
Gefion Goddess who received virgins after death
Heimdall Warden of the gods
Hel Goddess of death; Queen of Niflheim, the land of the mists
Hermod Son of Odin
Hoenir Companion to Odin and Loki
Hoder Blind god who killed Balder
Idunn Guardian goddess of the golden apples of youth; wife of Bragi
Kvasir God of wise utterances
Logi Fire god
Loki God of mischief
Mimir God of wisdom
Nanna Goddess wife of Balder
Nehallenia Goddess of plenty
Nerthus Goddess of earth
Njord God of ships and the sea
Norns Goddesses of destiny
Odin (Woden,
Chief of the Aesir family of gods, the ‘father’ god; the god of war, learning, and poetry
Otr Otter god
Ran Goddess of the sea
Sif Goddess wife of Thor
Sigyn Goddess wife of Loki
Thor (Donar) God of thunder and sky; good crops
Tyr God of battle, victory
Ull God of the hunt
Valkyries Females helpers of the gods of war
Vanir Race of benevolent gods, including Njord, Frey, Freya
Vidar Slayer of the wolf, Fenvir
Vor Goddess of truth
Welan Craftsman god