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New book is in the works. A Celtic Haunted Highway? is a unique story of connecting through a weird trip exploring haunted places in Western Washington. A mother and son learn about ghosts, Celtic pubs and cemeteries and they travel from Port Angeles, WA to Portland, OR. They learn about how life takes the most interesting turns and how we survive and rise out of the ashes of change.

Excerpt from the book (copyright 2017 Kristin Olsen)

It is really hard to talk about our kids flaws and mistakes. As parents, we want the best for our kids. Did our parents make mistakes with us? Of course they did, and did we or will we make mistakes with our own kids, certainly we will. Nobody walks out of the world perfect with no physical or mental damage. Life causes damage, the solitary act of breathing causes damage. Ozone depletion, toxins in the air, the flower or tree your allergic to, acid rain or too much sunshine that burns sensitive skin all cause damage of some kind to us. Mental damage can be of someone else’s making or from our own decisions and the cause and effect of the choices we make or chose not to make.

How do we survive? We learn, we grow, we challenge and are challenged. We test, we make mistakes, and we err on the side of caution or toss that caution to the wind. Play it safe or run with your hair on fire from one experience to the next? Who is here to tell us what the right and wrong way is? To help us succeed or pick us up when we fall? Our parents, our siblings, friends, family, co-workers, enemies, hero’s and villains all play a part in our game of life. Life is about opening your eyes to the possibilities and putting on your shades when it gets to hot your going to get burned. If you do get burned, it is about how you handle the band-aid presented to you that matters and teaches us lessons and realities of this world.

In every situation that is an action, there is a reaction, then a response to both the action and reaction. The possible outcomes to any one given moment in time are limitless and endless. There is no way to determine what is right or wrong for someone else in that blink of an eye. We can only hope they do what we hope they will do because that is the only place of perspective we have to judge or view any situation. It is our bias, our background, our thoughts and feelings that we are projecting on the other person.

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