Celtic Attic new product lines announced

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Celtic attic has been proudly creating, importing and selling Celtic gifts and jewelry for 20 years. We are so honored to be a part of sharing our Celtic and viking heritage with all our customers, family & friends. Now it is our turn to give back. We have introduced 3 new product lines made by the Celtic Attic family. Each line donates a 5% portion of proceeds to charity. Just our way of saying Thank You for sharing our journey these past years.

The Collections are:

Celtic Angel Wings in honor of my mother, Shirley Olsen who was my best friend and my inspiration to live my Magical Life. She always told me all things are possible and there is always a bright side, you just have to uncover your eyes and hope. We lost my mom to Alzheimer’s in 2003, so she gets to see this chapter of our business from the heaven’s above.

We have all heard the saying when bells ring another angel gets her wings. This product line is dedicated to my dear mum. She left this earth many years ago and watches over us each and every day. I created the chimes lines to honor her memory as she was truly my best friend and my angel. She gave the darkness light and made the light sparkle. Each time your chime touches the air listen closely as it may be a dear one wishing you grace or sending love to this place.

Celtic Seaside Escape Jewelry because I am drawn to the ocean and all sea creatures and just love the fusion of Celtic and Sea Life It is calming and so simply basic. We have a variety of Jewelry and each piece has a story of inspiration. I have noted the path to create these pieces for you to read and hopefully enjoy.

CeltaPhysical Art is dedicated to my grandchildren for blessing my life and showing me things through those innocent eyes that we seem to close to world as we grow up. In particular this line is inspired by my eldest grandson, Sammy who at this writing is 4 years old. He had a tough beginning and still struggles but makes progress each day. One sunny day shortly after he came to live with me, we were outside and I just was overwhelmed and thought what the hell am I doing.

Just give me a break crossed my mind and all of a sudden we were swarmed by Lady Bugs. They were everywhere, hundreds of them. Sammy was scared and then started to giggle. I thought wow, life is funny and amazing and I want to share this feeling with everyone I encounter. So I began taking photographs and turning them into my version of Art.

Please also visit yourpathinlife.com for more unique art products.

car chimes
car chimes
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sm windchimes
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rock pendants

Celtic Attic Launches New Art Line

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Celtaphysical Art

inspiration beyond the physical

I have quite the imagination. I am a professional photographer, writer and artist. I have taken my eye for Celtic and Scenery & utilizing oils, acrylics, water colors and/or crayon recreated my photos. I then scan in my art and/or original photos and put them into my digital mixer art program. I print all my art on my haunted, yes I said haunted, printer. This is how I create my original art. My printer is a part of my creative art process, it has been with me for years. It never prints two images the same, so each art piece you purchase is truly unique and original.

The Original Artwork is matted and framed & has the story behind the inspiration handwritten on the back. Each are signed and numbered. Original Prints are available as well. When you buy the art piece, you are buying the journey of not only the art but of the artist. Join me on my adventures.

All framed art starts as an old picture frame & I polish it up to match the vision I have created. Weird happenings inspire my creative process.

Art is the journey to creation, the essence of life.

Custom orders welcome

By Artist Kristin Olsen

All my art pieces can be purchased on the website.  If the original is listed, it will  have the story card and handwritten tale of the journey.  If you are purchasing a reproduction, rest assured, it will be completely unique and of course signed by me.

The Way of the Celts – The Celtic Summer Solstice

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By Kristin Olsen

Join me as we explore the Way of the Celts, land of myth and fantasy. The Celts had some interesting views surrounding the changing of the seasons. Let us delved into some ideas and concepts surrounding the turning of the year, rebirth, renewal and revitalization. The Ancient Celts believed the world to be a magical, variable realm ruled by invisible forces and mystical elements. Each and every rock, stick, twig, tree, stream, flower and river had a spiritual presence associated with it. The ancients would be very careful and watch where they walked for they never knew if a Sprite or Fairy was lurking under the petals of that daisy they just walked past. They believed that the sprit or deity associated with each thing in nature might be watching them, so they were oh so careful.   Even the most mundane tasks and projects were taken care of with reverence and rituals became associated with each task to keep the spirits happy and to avoid being captured by the faeries. Some of these have become traditions that are still in practice today. As the wheel turns in each and every season of our lives, there is new hope. With each seed of hope sown is the promise of a better tomorrow. Open your eyes wide as we explore, learn and grow and discover that all things are possible if you see it so.

This was a time when Fairies, Leprechauns and Dragons roamed the Emerald Isle, a time when the interconnectedness of the clans, the land, the world and the universe were treasured. An age when the passage of time and the cycles of the moon, sun and tides were honored and respected. Close your eyes and envision a giant clock with gold spun hands turning as each new season arrives. Can you see the harvest? Can you feel the warm air on your face and the brisk chill fading as the land turns its way from spring to summer? Let us now turn the Wheel and explore the ancient Celtic idea of the Summer Solstice.

After the spring begins a time when the flowers flourish, the grasses grow, the harvest thrives, and the Emerald Isle is alive and teaming with life and love. The ancient tradition of Beltane normally celebrated around April 30 to May 1, also known as May Day, rings in the warm and life-giving season of summer. The magic and majesty of the universe and the celtic lands are alive and visible. Renewal is in the air and the wee folk are sprinkling magical fairy dust to all that enter their realm. Love and Magic can be felt all over the lands, if you simply open your eyes to the possibility. Summer is the time to relax and renew and breathe the clean fresh air that is life. Many celebrations occurred, as this was the beginning of the summer season. The Other world and Fairies were magickal and prevalent in the celebrations during this time.

The traditional lighting of a bonfire is a long held custom. The fire represents renewal and rebirth and cleansing and magical awareness. In the ancient days of Ireland when fairies and other wee folk roamed freely, the traditional fire was lit on the ancient hilltop at Tara. Tara was considered the ancient ritual center of the Celtic Lands. Can you not see the glorious sparkle of firelight glowing? Can you not see maidens adorned in flowers danced with long flowing locks as young men watched in adoration, whilst wee leprechauns and fairy folk alike stood in between the veil of both worlds to watch the magic play forth in the red fire embers.

Alban Heruin or Litha – also known as Summer Solstice and to the Christians the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist is traditionally celebrated around the 24th of June. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year so bonfires were lit to welcome the sun and also to honor the passing into the harvesting season. The Celts clock expressed the days from sundown to sundown, so the Solstice actually begun at the previous day’s sunset. The Celts also believed that the summer season began on May Day and ended on Lammas or Lughnasa (August 1). Summer Solstice was midway between the two important harvesting rituals in their world.

Today in Ireland you can still find celebrations and festivals that honor the ancient traditions Lughnasa or the Christian tradition of the Assumption of Mary. The summer months are a grand time for fairs and celebrations because the weather is usually mild and pleasant. The Puck Fair, in Killorglin, County Kerry is one of the best-known traditional fairs when a male goat is crowned as king for three days and known as ‘ King Puck’. Lughnasa Sunday is known as ‘Bilberry Sunday” in many districts of Ireland. An interesting tradition is to climb the mountains to collect fruits that might represent the first harvest pickings. In yet other parts of Ireland the closest Sunday to Lughnasa was known as Cally Sunday. It was the traditional day to harvest the first of the potato crop. The Catholic church has established the ritual of blessing the fields on this day. In the Irish immigrant families in other countries including the United States and Canada, the Lá Lúnasa festivities are traditional times for family reunions and parties. Today, in Ireland, Lughnasa celebrations are largely replaced by Garland Sunday. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of July and is a bank and postal holiday.

Enjoy the Tea recipe below to renew your spirit and tantalize your taste buds as you dream of renewal in your life and work toward fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Brew your tea, relax in your lawn chair in the Mid Summers sunshine and let the rays wash over your body and clear your minds eye to all of life’s fantastic possibilities.
Mid Summer’s Tea

1 pinch Rosemary

2 pinches Thyme

2 tsp. Black Tea

3 fresh Mint leaves

5 fresh Rosebud petals

5 fresh Lemon tree leaves

3 pinches Nutmeg

3 pieces Orange peels

Place all ingredients into teapot and boil with 3 cups of water. Add fresh honey.


Celtic Magic is everywhere.   Visit me at http://www.celticattic.com


Happy Summer

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Celtic Attic
All things Irish and Fairy

Happy Summer to all our Celtic Attic shoppers and visitors. Shop online and utilize the code below to get 10% off your order. We are working on some great new products that will be launched on the newly designed website, which is set to go live in September. We are sure you will love 2 new books written by the owner, Kristin, as well as a new launch of the original line of jewelry which started Celtic Attic 17 years ago. We are keeping our current line of clothing, kitchen, wedding and jewelry for your shopping pleasure. If you would like a sneak peak at the New website, you can use the link below. You can order, but right now we are only setup for Pay Pal payments are we are still in the design stage. We would love your input so if you place an order on the new website we will include a free gift ($5.00+ value) with each order in addition to the 10% off.

10% OFF
Anything at the Attic!
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Visit us online for all your Celtic shopping needs!Choose from any of our great product lines:
Artwork, Crafts, Jewelry, Sun Catchers, Wind Chimes, Irish Kitchen Items, Wedding Gifts, Stamps, Clothing, Home Decor, Signs, and Gifts. Purchase the Celtic Attic Cookbook! St. Patrick’s Day Gifts All Year Long. Plus Personalized gifts and Scottish faire.Our Contest Pages. . .
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Happy 2017 and join us for our 17th year of being in business. After all these years I am finally going working on a facelift for the website. We will keep you updated and we are excited because we will have all the newsletters online as well as my Coaching Services. It will be an amazing year for all things Celtic! Drop by our facebook page and like us.

A celtic haunted highway new book coming soon

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New book is in the works. A Celtic Haunted Highway? is a unique story of connecting through a weird trip exploring haunted places in Western Washington. A mother and son learn about ghosts, Celtic pubs and cemeteries and they travel from Port Angeles, WA to Portland, OR. They learn about how life takes the most interesting turns and how we survive and rise out of the ashes of change.

Excerpt from the book (copyright 2017 Kristin Olsen)

It is really hard to talk about our kids flaws and mistakes. As parents, we want the best for our kids. Did our parents make mistakes with us? Of course they did, and did we or will we make mistakes with our own kids, certainly we will. Nobody walks out of the world perfect with no physical or mental damage. Life causes damage, the solitary act of breathing causes damage. Ozone depletion, toxins in the air, the flower or tree your allergic to, acid rain or too much sunshine that burns sensitive skin all cause damage of some kind to us. Mental damage can be of someone else’s making or from our own decisions and the cause and effect of the choices we make or chose not to make.

How do we survive? We learn, we grow, we challenge and are challenged. We test, we make mistakes, and we err on the side of caution or toss that caution to the wind. Play it safe or run with your hair on fire from one experience to the next? Who is here to tell us what the right and wrong way is? To help us succeed or pick us up when we fall? Our parents, our siblings, friends, family, co-workers, enemies, hero’s and villains all play a part in our game of life. Life is about opening your eyes to the possibilities and putting on your shades when it gets to hot your going to get burned. If you do get burned, it is about how you handle the band-aid presented to you that matters and teaches us lessons and realities of this world.

In every situation that is an action, there is a reaction, then a response to both the action and reaction. The possible outcomes to any one given moment in time are limitless and endless. There is no way to determine what is right or wrong for someone else in that blink of an eye. We can only hope they do what we hope they will do because that is the only place of perspective we have to judge or view any situation. It is our bias, our background, our thoughts and feelings that we are projecting on the other person.

.Triquetra Pendant