Ode to a celtic mother

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mum tapestry
People in our lives come and go…
Sometimes they leave so suddenly it’s a terrible blow.
My dearest mother my bestest friend,
I loved you every day until that tragic end.
You held my hand as I learned to walk,
And encouraged every word and sound as I learned to talk.
You thought me how to ride a bike,
When I was just a wee small tike.
You blessed me all along my path…
And only rarely did you show your wrath.
You encouraged me and allowed me to be,
And I all of a sudden I became free.
The lessons you so generously blessed,
Allowed me to become my very best.
Soaring on my wings so free,
I am almost who and where I want to be.
I think of you every single day,
And can almost see you shinning down from heaven like a majestic ray.
I know we will meet again some day….
Thank you mom I love you true,
You shine so brightly I can never be blue from missing you.
Happy Mother’s day….year 14 of missing u.

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