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Celtic attic has been proudly creating, importing and selling Celtic gifts and jewelry for 20 years. We are so honored to be a part of sharing our Celtic and viking heritage with all our customers, family & friends. Now it is our turn to give back. We have introduced 3 new product lines made by the Celtic Attic family. Each line donates a 5% portion of proceeds to charity. Just our way of saying Thank You for sharing our journey these past years.

The Collections are:

Celtic Angel Wings in honor of my mother, Shirley Olsen who was my best friend and my inspiration to live my Magical Life. She always told me all things are possible and there is always a bright side, you just have to uncover your eyes and hope. We lost my mom to Alzheimer’s in 2003, so she gets to see this chapter of our business from the heaven’s above.

We have all heard the saying when bells ring another angel gets her wings. This product line is dedicated to my dear mum. She left this earth many years ago and watches over us each and every day. I created the chimes lines to honor her memory as she was truly my best friend and my angel. She gave the darkness light and made the light sparkle. Each time your chime touches the air listen closely as it may be a dear one wishing you grace or sending love to this place.

Celtic Seaside Escape Jewelry because I am drawn to the ocean and all sea creatures and just love the fusion of Celtic and Sea Life It is calming and so simply basic. We have a variety of Jewelry and each piece has a story of inspiration. I have noted the path to create these pieces for you to read and hopefully enjoy.

CeltaPhysical Art is dedicated to my grandchildren for blessing my life and showing me things through those innocent eyes that we seem to close to world as we grow up. In particular this line is inspired by my eldest grandson, Sammy who at this writing is 4 years old. He had a tough beginning and still struggles but makes progress each day. One sunny day shortly after he came to live with me, we were outside and I just was overwhelmed and thought what the hell am I doing.

Just give me a break crossed my mind and all of a sudden we were swarmed by Lady Bugs. They were everywhere, hundreds of them. Sammy was scared and then started to giggle. I thought wow, life is funny and amazing and I want to share this feeling with everyone I encounter. So I began taking photographs and turning them into my version of Art.

Please also visit yourpathinlife.com for more unique art products.

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4 thoughts on “Celtic Attic new product lines announced

  1. I’m looking for kilts for a wedding. Do you sell them

    1. Sorry right now we are selling any kilts or Irish wedding apparel. Congratulations and many blessings.

  2. I am looking for your coupon.

    1. Its tenp for 10% off

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