Classic Cable Wool Shawl


Classic Cable Wool Shawl.  Shawls are warm, comfortable and can be worn in a number of ways. They can be worn formally or informally. This shawl is 100% merino wool and warm. The beautiful cables and patterns make it unmistakably Irish.



Classic Cable Wool Shawl

■ 100% Merino Wool – Crafted from pure Merino wool, this shawl is the perfectly stylish way to be chic out in the frigid fall and winter weather, as it offers insulation from the cold, softness, and breathability.
■ Mixed cable knit adds texture, dimension, and style – Beautiful variations of the Aran cable stitch decorate the length of this shawl with graceful flow and texture. The cable stitch represents Aran Island fishermen’s ropes and wishes for their successful trips.
■ Navy and Natural Color Choices – The natural cream color of this scarf is versatile enough to pair with a wide range of colors from pastels to bright and dark shades in fun color blocking schemes. Its neutral hue also makes it great to transition from casual to formal looks. This shawl is also available in Navy.
■ Versatile Style – This shawl can be wrapped around the head and neck to replace hat and scarf accessories, or it can be draped over the shoulders over any kind of top for a layered look.




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