Irish Afternoon Tea Tin


Celtic Attic created this cool artwork mug.  Slainte Knot work Art. Created with knot work inside a bubble and superimposed over more celtic knot work. Slainte roughly translated means “cheers”.


Irish Afternoon Tea Tin. This Irish Afternoon Loose Leaf tea is carefully made with a variety of refreshing herbs and perfectly compliments sandwiches, cakes, clotted cream scones, or any other afternoon snacks or meals of your choice.  The tea comes in a high-quality, metallic canister that is both charming and practical.  It can be reused as tin or caddy for future loose leaf tea or something else.

The metal tea canister combats all of the elements that could degrade the quality of the tea, making it a great choice for holding infusions.   The canister is beautifully designed and produced in an authentic Celtic air featuring a wide variety of colorful, intertwined knotwork and complex geometrical forms, as well as traditional Celtic lettering.

This Irish Celtic piece has a net weight of 0.08 pounds and a gross weight of 0.20 pounds (loose leaf tea). When washing the metallic container, avoid using sponges or abrasive cloths.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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