Scottish Thistle Stained Glass


Celtic Attic created this cool artwork mug.  Slainte Knot work Art. Created with knot work inside a bubble and superimposed over more celtic knot work. Slainte roughly translated means “cheers”.


Scottish Thistle Stained Glass. Sturdy Glass: The design was painted onto durable glass, ensuring resistance over the passing of times. Whether you display it in the kitchen or your living room, its material will create a captivating interplay between colors and textures.

Evocative Scottish Design: Our panel showcases an enduring motif of Scottish victory- its national emblem. Portrayed with its striking purple petals, vibrant green bulb, and leaves, the Scottish thistle is set against a background of vivid blues dripping into light purples.

Gothic Window Details: Adding to its allure, this glass panel is elegantly designed in the classic shape of a gothic window, characterized by an arch that terminates at a pointed top, reminiscent of majestic cathedral windows.  Measurements: Standing at 7.8 inches tall and measuring approximately 3.75 inches in width

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Weight 5 lbs


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